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Weekly Wrap-Up: Long, but good runs this week

on September 14, 2015

I’m grateful for the fall weather that has taken the edge off of a week of long runs. It’s cool enough that I’ve worn long sleeves or a jacket for a couple of this week’s runs. O and I even turned on the fireplace the week (before Darrell was up, naturally – Darrell is pretty anti-fireplace inย  September). Speaking of O, check out the sneak peek I got of our family photos this week:

Isn't the light amazing? I love our photographer!

Isn’t the light amazing? I love our photographer!

All in all, this week was good in terms of runs, with 29+ miles and only one missed workout. I also got in strength training twice, yoga and more foam rolling and planks than I’ve done in weeks. My eating felt good, being back on the tracking wagon during the week and taking the weekend to focus on fueling for my runs without tracking. I think that will be a nice balance to get me through my fall races and moving back in the right direction so I can wearย  my pants again once it gets truly chilly.


Monday I had an easy 3-4 miles on the schedule for this day, but with our drive back from Arkansas I just didn’t get it done. As it is, with all of the loading and unloading of the car, I ended up with 6K steps for the day!

Tuesday Another strength workout on the treadmill: 1 mile warm up, 1.5 miles at 11:06mi/min pace with 0.25 recovery and a second 1.5 miles before cooling down with another mile. This was a lot tougher than the 1 mile repeats last week and sort of has me dreading the two mile chunks coming next week!

Wednesday Rest day – even though I had a rest day Monday thanks to a missed workout, I decided to honor this rest day after the tough strength workout. I did get 1.5 mile walk in, just to enjoy the weather.

Thursday I am super proud of this workout. I overslept, so I ended up having to do this workout at 8 pm and let me tell you, I had ZERO desire to get out and do three tempo miles at 8 pm. I headed out anyway, telling myself I could do the 3-4 miles for Friday’s workout instead and do the tempo work on Friday. After I finished the first mile, I convinced myself that if I was going to run two more miles anyway, I might as well try my tempo intervals (tempo is race pace and I’ve been doing them with my 3 minute run/30 second walk intervals I use in races) to see how they felt. Once I started, I just kept going and got all 3 tempo miles, plus a 5th mile to cool down. It rained off and on and the roads were slick, so I didn’t push the pace, but I was still under 11:30 for all 3 miles and the third was the fastest. I love that even though I’m not sure I have a time goal for this race and therefore a little voice in my head was saying this workout didn’t matter, I still GOT IT DONE. Finishing this training plan really is its own challenge that I’ve apparently taken on whole-heartedly. ๐Ÿ™‚ Huge NSV for this week!

Tempo NSV

Friday An easy 3 miles, plus some barre-style strength work that left my glutes sore!

Saturday 4 sunny miles – I love when the weather cools off enough that I can run later in the morning without melting from the heat!

Sunday I made the unfortunate choice to have chili for dinner Saturday night – not great food pre-long run! Thus, I debated my goals for this long run. I had 12 miles on the schedule and had originally planned to do the middle 4 at my race pace intervals. I want more time practicing those intervals and am planning on working them into my last three long runs. With my stomach feeling off, I considered just getting the miles done but decided to see how it felt. Thankfully, it was really cool and while my stomach rebelled a couple of times during the run, I was ultimately able to get those middle miles done at 3 minute run/30 second walk intervals. For the first 3, those miles were at around 11:30 and the fourth was 11:50, but considering how hilly my route was, I’m really happy with my effort. According to the FitBit, I covered 77 flights of stairs during that run – seriously hilly and frequently steep! Given how flat the course at Des Moines is, it will be a welcome relief to run flat instead of all of those hills. I also finished the last mile as my fastest, just to have the practice of pushing on tired legs. It was a win all around! Also, I’m grateful this week for the fall weather, which meant it was cool enough to wear long sleeves. Sun exposure is a big trigger of lupus symptoms and for me, it particularly flares up the skin lesions I have, so I was grateful for the added protection of sleeves. I also did some strength training with Oliver – he loves to crawl under me while I’m holding a plank to make me hold it longer – and yoga in the hallway during bath time, which felt so good on my tired legs!

I’m tempted to say my good deed this week was taking O to the Children’s Theater to see Pete the Cat. O loves the Children’s Theater but it generally grates on my nerves (bad mom confession!). However, Pete wasn’t too bad. Instead, we’ll say my good deed was talking to O about the firefighter raising money outside the grocery store and letting him donate money to fill the boot. O talks more and more about giving back, in terms of food and money, so I can tell that he’s actually paying attention to these moments, which is really gratifying.

I’m on call at work this week, so I’d planned this week as sort of a repeat week in the training plan. Now that I know how tough that strength workout is and how time consuming it is, I’m going to scrap that all together from this week’s plans. Instead, I’ll plan on my usual 3-4 miles easy run to recover today, and a 3-4 mile run with some fartleks tomorrow instead of the strength run. I should be able to do the tempo miles on Thursday, since that doesn’t require the gym and even if I can’t do them all, any would be good. I’ll also shorten the long run this weekend to 6-7 miles instead of 10 since there’s no way I’ll be able to get in a 2 hour run with work. After this week, I have two more weeks of serious runs before I start tapering for Des Moines. After next week, I’ll look back at my training and decide what my goals for race day are going to be. The lupus meds are kicking in and my arthritis is getting better, so between that and the weather I may actually be able to set some kind of time goal for the race, even if it isn’t the sub-2:30 I was hoping for before I got sick.

I’m joining Tricia and Holly for their weekly wrap-up. Thanks for hosting!

weekly wrap up

Is anyone else getting glimpses of fall weather? I’ve already got leaves falling here!


11 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Long, but good runs this week

  1. It’s supposed to be in the 80’s all week here–I’ll take it! The skies have been clear and bright; fall is definitely in the air.

  2. Anna says:

    Gorgeous family picture! So glad you are finally getting some relief. I am so impressed how you have kept going despite all the other issues you have been dealing with. Love that O “helps” you with planks ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. has2run says:

    You have an adorable family. You should be really proud of your progress. The weather has been beautiful here in Memphis. Have a great day

  4. HoHo Runs says:

    What a wonderful family picture. Admittedly, I don’t know much about Lupus but I can imagine the heat and sun would be very aggravating. I know you are glad for it to be cooler and be able to wear sleeves. (Have you tried arm sleeves year round? I’m give some away over on my blog.) You are almost done with your training! Two more weeks and then you get to taper. Hooray! Thanks for linking up with us!

  5. I love the picture of your family! We use to take family pictures in the fall and got out of the habit, this reminds me we need to do this again! Solid workout this week for you and 77 flights of stairs on the fitbit that IS a hilly route! I’m like you I try to stick to a training plan, but I see what’s coming up and I will make changes as needed! Hope you have a great week of staying active! Thank you so much for linking up with us!

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