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Weight loss Wednesday & An overdue weigh in

on September 9, 2015

Yep, we’re officially returning to weighing in. I gave myself a break from weighing in and tracking throughout the summer to practice eating a little more like a normal person. I did a pretty good overall in focusing on food quality, which is good, but looking back I can see that I was probably eating more than I really needed to. For the most part, the extras were all healthy, whole foods but even healthy foods in excessive amounts can lead to weight gain.

It can be surprisingly hard to make peace with the scale.

It can be surprisingly hard to make peace with the scale.

Stepping on the scale at both my primary care doctor’s office in early August and the rheumatologists office later in the month was really eye opening in terms of just how much I’d drifted. I was at 180-something in early August and 190-something in rheumatology. For the first week after that rheumatology visit, I had bigger fish to fry in terms of dealing mentally with a new diagnosis, etc. However, after a few days, I thought back to that 19X number (not trying to hide it – just can’t exactly remember) and as much as I’d like to blame their scale, I admitted that it was time to face the music. After all, I could count on one hand the number of times I’d worn pants all summer and that had as much to do with tight waistbands as it did the summer weather.

Ultimately, I was up over eight pounds to 186 from the 175-178 I’d been hanging at through the spring and twenty pounds above where I’d like to be. Does that mean my summer experiment was a failure? I don’t think so – not completely. I learned to think about food in terms of nutrition rather than calories. Where I fell short was in letting more and more snacking sneak in. Healthy snacks can still derail you if there are hundreds of calories of them a day and you’re eating more than you’re really hungry for. I suspect if I’d kept weighing in while taking a break from tracking, I’d have done a better job staying on course. I’d have reason to stop and think back about how much I was eating if I’d seen this trend sooner. Like we’ve discussed before, weighing in has been identified as a part of successful weight maintenance. It’s just a matter of finding a way to incorporate that piece of data in way that helps you rather than becoming a consuming goal.


For now, I’ll go back to weighing in weekly. I’ll also back to tracking on My Fitness Pal. I’ve already seen things drift back down, which is good. I want to keep my focus on fueling with good foods for all of my running and so far what I’ve noticed with a return to tracking is that I’m snacking less, which keeps me in range even with some higher calorie, higher nutrition choices at meals.

My goals for this month:
– Weigh in weekly
– No snacking after dinner unless I run after dinner.
– No snacks on the way home from work unless I’m going to the gym for speed work / strength runs. I’ll fill my water bottle every day before I leave work so I have something to do with my hands/mouth.
– I won’t track on the weekend and instead focus on fueling well for my long runs in this last big month of training. I could let my extra calories from the runs compensate for the extra calories, but I really want to stay away from the “activity to earn food” mentality in my day to day life.

I weighed in at 182.6 today, which I’m totally happy with after a weekend of travel with 16 hours in the car, two parties with cake and my family’s general lack of healthy food options when we go visit. Fall and winter are coming – I need to fit back in my pants. Other than that, I’m more interested to stopping this upward crawl than anything else. I did not like seeing that 19x in the rheumatologist’s office and definitely don’t want to see it again next visit!

Where do you notice extra calories sneaking into your day?


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13 responses to “Weight loss Wednesday & An overdue weigh in

  1. I notice the extra calories sneaking in through my BLT’s (bites, licks, and tastes). While I’m preparing dinner some nights, I’ll have a piece of chocolate, 4 crackers, a small handful of nuts, a sliver of cheese… all things that aren’t too bad alone, but really add up quickly when put all together. I’ve found that I’m most successful at avoiding this pre-dinner snacking when I have a late afternoon snack just before leaving work. Jerky, a piece of fruit, or yogurt usually, and it’s enough to hold me over until actual dinner.

    • It can be so hard to keep yourself honest and on track with those! One of my favorite tips from a WW meeting was to use a different spoon any time you tasted something cooking and leave them lined up on the counter so you could see how many tastes you’d had (also a nice idea from a hygeine perspective).

  2. It’s ok. You’ll get right back on track on your way to success.

  3. I notice extra calories sneaking into my day when I’m baking- I taste everything!

  4. This month I stopped tracking after a few weeks of seeing I can eat quite a lot and maintain with how much running I’m doing. Unfortunately the batteries on my WW scale died & I haven’t weighed myself in a few weeks…and it’s killing me not to know how I’m doing! I do think you picked up some great habits over the summer so I think your experiment was a good one, especially since you’re already losing.

  5. Meg B says:

    I find it super hard to resist snacking on my way home from work. A full water bottle is a great idea!

  6. Great job! Good goals for the month too!

  7. […] I feel like things have gone really well since I decided I needed to start tracking again a month ago. I’d definitely let lots of extra snacks creep into my day and even though they weren’t […]

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