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Weekly Wrap-Up & Running Pet Peeves

on September 8, 2015

Thanks to the holiday and traveling, this week I’ll combine my wrap up and the Tuesdays on the Run topic of “Running Pet Peeves” all in one post. It’s almost like the universe knew this would happen, as I encountered my two biggest running pet peeves on my long run this week so this is the perfect place to include them! Thanks as always to April, Patty and Erika for hosting. Be sure to check out the rest of the link-up!


This week was pretty good, workout-wise. We traveled to Arkansas to visit my family. I found out I was getting a niece at my brother and sister-in-law’s gender reveal party and O LOVED the super hero party I put together for him and the family. I had to shuffle my workouts to get it all in, but I managed for a total of 30.5 miles this week.

Monday 3 easy miles

Tuesday This is the first of the “strength” workouts in the Hanson’s approach and I confess I was nervous! You’re supposed to run these at about 10 seconds faster than goal race pace, with minimal recovery time between intervals. The training plan calls for a lot of more of these than I included in my modified approach, but I was aiming for 3 – 1 mile intervals at 11:05 pace with 0.25 miles recovery between them. I’m excited to say that I totally nailed this workout! By the third one, I was feeling it, but it is great to know that I can sustain these paces (on the treadmill at least, out of the summer heat).

Wednesday Rest day!

Thursday Since we were traveling this weekend, I did my long run on Thursday rather than Sunday. 11 miles is a lot to work into a weekend of family events, after all. I headed to the park and thanks to multiple missteps along the way (I was forgetting EVERYTHING), it was almost 9 am before I got there. Yes, I took the day off from work to get a long run in – I’ve become that person. It was really warm, and I walked a lot of mile 3 because my mom called to pow wow about the weekend events, but I was happy with my paces for all of the other miles. I’m definitely on target per the training plan paces, so I’m hopeful that Des Moines is going to go well.

While I was in the park, I came across a couple of my running pet peeves:

Pick up after your dog! There are garbage cans everywhere. Pick up your garbage and your dog poop. As a dog owner, I would NEVER just ignore my dog’s messes and yet I see people do it all the time.

There was an amazing amount of garbage just tossed down too. Pick up after yourself!

There was an amazing amount of garbage just tossed down too. Pick up after yourself!

Bicycles, PLEASE slow down when you’re coming around a blind corner! I almost got taken out twice when people came flying around corners way too fast. I’m all for sharing the road, but let’s share safely.

A problem with a curvy wooded trail is limited visibility - everyone needs to look out!

A problem with a curvy wooded trail is limited visibility – everyone needs to look out!

Friday We tackled the 8 hour drive from Omaha to Fayetteville on Friday, so I woke up early to get my 3 mile recovery run in before we left. It was damp and rainy but good to get my legs moving before they were stuck in the car for hours.

Saturday I did my 2 miles of tempo runs up and down my mom’s quiet little country road. It was nice watching the sun rise although a little disturbing to realize how much darker it is at her house, without any street lights, than it is at mine this hour of the morning! I’ll definitely bring my little blinky light next time just in case there are cars coming. I was a little faster than I should be my first tempo mile (10:45) but right on target for the second (11:15).

Thank goodness I got these runs in before sunrise - it got hot FAST!

Thank goodness I got these runs in before sunrise – it got hot FAST!

Sunday Easy 4-5 miles on the schedule and I got 4 in before I had to go make O’s second Captain America birthday cake for his party. His party was a success – he said it was everything he wanted!

All in all, we had a good weekend. O loved getting to play with his family. I’m totally counting all of the literal heavy lifting I did moving furniture for my mom and setting up for my sister-in-law’s gender reveal party as strength workouts for the week, although I never got any yoga done or foam rolling. Oops. Overall, I made good food choices for a stressful family weekend (because honestly, family travel is always stressful on some level) and my NSV is not finishing the frosting on my cupcake at the gender reveal party because it just wasn’t that good. My good deed was patiently answering the questions of the Department of Health phone survey one evening this week. I know from experience as a telephone survey worker in college that those guys get hung up on an awful lot, so I was happy to cooperate for a few minutes. I’m grateful that O traveled fairly well, without getting sick or causing too much chaos other than a couple of “wedgie emergency!” episodes on the drive down.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy long weekend, if you got to take a little time off! What are your running pet peeves?


24 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up & Running Pet Peeves

  1. Kristin says:

    I definitely agree with your pet peeves! I guess one of my running pet peeves is when I wave and/or say hi to a runner and they don’t acknowledge me. Yuck, I definitely don’t appreciate unkindness. I mean, we are all out there running and in a certain amount of discomfort, but unfriendliness is so not cool! XOXO

  2. I know what you mean about bicyclists watching out for us. Last week as I was running, this guy was headed straight for me. It wasn’t around a curve so I know he saw me. He was messing with his phone or something and at last minute I had to quickly move out of his way. I said not so nicely “watch where you’re going!” Made me so mad! Definitely a pet peeve of mine.

  3. I’m still laughing about the wedgie emergencies!

  4. Great job getting your runs in even with a busy holiday week! Bikers are definitely one of my biggest pet peeves!

  5. Awesome job getting your workouts in with all the travel! That’s definitely my biggest challenge. The dog poop is a huge pet peeve of mine!!! If you have a dog, you need to be responsible for him/her.

  6. You don’t have enough comment space for me to list all my pet peeves. πŸ˜‰ Mainly I get irritated at other runners who don’t say hi, I just don’t get why you can’t even give me a chin nod or some kind of acknowledgement that we’re all in this shiz together. I also get irritated at people who are coming towards me and for whatever reason choose to move to my side of the sidewalk and then stare me down as if daring me to make them move. It’s like what?? Why would you do that?

  7. Oh, I encountered my biggest pet peeve multiple times over the weekend… the path has a very visible dotted line down the center of it, yet some people insist on walking on the wrong side of the road and refuse to move over, forcing me off the path into the grass!! Ugh. Drives me nutso.

  8. Good job on your workouts. Luckily where I run there is minimal bikers and I never found any poop along the path. Those dog owners that walk their must know better:)

  9. My biggest running pet peeve AFTER dog poop (get a grip people, when you get a dog you know very well that it poops and that it’s one of the things you have to do when you have a dog: pick up the god damn poop! I mean.. you could always get a fish instead if it’s so hard for you to bring those little bags, pick up the poop and throw it in the garbage) must be STROLLER MOMMAS as I like to call them. You know when there are a huge gang of moms with strollers.. They pretty much think they own the path/road/whatever and they don’t give a F that there other people need to get past them. I don’t hate people with strollers by any means, but it gets on my nerve when there is a huge gang with strollers that doesn’t move an inch even though they see you coming from miles away. Why can’t they just move a little and make some room for people to run past them when they see someone coming? I really don’t get it..

  10. Not only slow down, but bicyclists need to give a shout out or a signal that they are coming up behind you. What if I wandered over to the other side of the path?

    So many pet peeves for me!

    • I was in a race a week or so ago where the path wasn’t closed. A cyclist came up behind a runner who was on the far side of the path, blocking the way. The cyclist called out several times but the runner didn’t move until I grabbed her to keep her from getting run over. I guess with her headphones she couldn’t hear. We need to do our part to share too.

  11. has2run says:

    I am not a dog owner. I cannot stand people who let their dogs poop anywhere and act like it is no big deal. It is a big deal, it smells, it is nasty, and you should clean it up. Anywho, I am glad you got your runs in, and had a great weekend. Thanks

  12. Meg B says:

    Awesome job on your workouts! Way to get it done, even with all that traveling. And oh man, my running pet peeves are many. I agree on the dog poop, not just as a runner but as a person in general, seriously, it takes two seconds just pick it up. My other pet peeves are: drivers who stop at stop signs PAST the stop sign in the middle of the crosswalk, drivers who don’t look both ways before making a turn, people who don’t shovel their snow, ok I should stop because I will just get angry.
    The wedgie emergencies were my favorite!

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