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Weekly Wrap-Up: Bumpy in the middle, but a strong finish!

on August 31, 2015

This was an interesting week. Thanks to stressing out about the rheumatology appointment (update on that here), I missed out on Tuesday and Thursday’s workouts – speed work and a tempo run. My mind was just not in the right place was those workouts. It was mentally hard to get myself back out there on Friday and yet as soon as I did, A) I felt like I’d won even though that Friday run wasn’t the prettiest and B) I remembered that running is what has made me feel the best during this whole process. The longer I went without running this week, the more tired and achy I felt. After getting back to running, I have more energy during the day and get several hours in which I don’t notice my hands as much. Yay for endorphins!

So what did the week end up looking like?


Monday 3 easy recovery miles – I really do love this post-long run outing and it was the thing I was most worried about with this 6-day-a-week plan.

Tuesday Nothing – I’d planned on speed work on the treadmill after work, but after about noon my brain just got so jumpy with worry about the rheumatology appointment that I couldn’t imagine getting through a 3 X 0.5 mile speed workout.

Wednesday A rest day and my run-i-versary. I felt bad not running on this day because it’s a big one for me, but by the time I got through with the doctor’s visit and talking things through with my family, it was too late to get anything in.

Thursday I just felt exhausted and couldn’t get going to get my tempo run done, as much as I wanted to. I think this was when I really realized how much running regularly was helping my energy level this summer and countering the autoimmune fatigue. Two days without running and I was just so TIRED.

Friday I MADE myself get out and run on Friday for 3 easy miles and am glad I did, even if they were slow (13ish minute miles) and painful. My NSV this week is definitely getting myself back out there, even if it took every bit of OOMPH I had. My shins and calves were really sore, which is unusual for me, but I got it done. Given the shin/calf pain, I did a lot of rolling on Friday night.

Saturday I had the Peak 2 Peak 10 mile run and was pleasantly surprised by how well it went, given the way the week had been up to this point. I had no thought of repeating last year’s performance (10:41/mile pace) but ended up with sub-12 minute miles and my fastest long run in MONTHS. I’ll have a full report later this week! I also did foam rolling Saturday morning and night, which helped tremendously.

Cute medal this year!

Cute medal this year!

Sunday I switched the usual Saturday-Sunday runs this week since I had a 10 mile race planned for Saturday. That meant I ran four miles post long run rather than my usual 3 and it went surprisingly well! My total pace was around 13:10, a smidge faster than my post-long-run run has been in weeks past and felt good overall. I also did strength training and yoga on Sunday afternoon, so I at least got some of those in. I tend to do yoga in the hall Sunday evening while Darrell and O are handling his bathtime so I can keep them company. 🙂

Technically, I ran 4.25 miles because O wanted to race me up and down the block a couple of times after I finished my run.

Technically, I ran 4.25 miles because O wanted to race me up and down the block a couple of times after I finished my run.

This week, I’m grateful for my health insurance. Between O and I this year, we’ve definitely used it! My good deed this week was hanging out after my race to cheer for the last finishers – such a little thing and yet worth it for the smiles. 🙂

Even with two missed runs, I finished the week with 20 miles, so that’s not too shabby. I’ve got an 11 mile run this week, just in time for temps to creep back up to the 90s, ugh. I know these are our last gasps of summer, so I’ll survive.

I’m joining Tricia and Holly for their weekly wrap-up. Thanks for hosting!

weekly wrap up

I hope everyone has a good week! Summer is almost over – is that a good thing or a bad thing for you?


16 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Bumpy in the middle, but a strong finish!

  1. Meg B says:

    I noticed the weather creeping back up here, too. Ugh.

    Awesome job on your 10 mile race! Go you!

    And I love the racing O picture!

  2. Awesome race! O looks so cute when he runs 🙂

  3. HoHo Runs says:

    Congratulations on a strong 10 mile race! I love the colors in the finisher’s medal. It’s great that you do yoga while O is having bath time. That is multi-tasking at it’s finest! O looks like he is having a blast racing you too. Thanks for linking up with us today!

  4. Karen @ Fit in France says:

    Yes, sad that summer is almost over but I am looking forward to getting back into a routine. My marathon training starts beginning of October and I am getting really excited ! Hope this week is better for you !

    • I need to start picking races where my training starts in October – what a lovely time to run! Instead, I normally have to get my “oomph” to get started in the middle of summer or when things are still frozen!

  5. What a great way to not give up and get that 10 miler done even when you thought you were having a bad week! Great job! Cheers to a great week!

  6. Yes you ended it a great week! Summer is coming to an end and I’ll welcome fall temps but I do love running in shorts and a tank top, lounging around in my flip flops, it’s a trade off for sure because I just as much like good ol’ campfires too! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with us!

    • My son wants to go camping and while I’m not looking forward to the tent (or the inevitable fact that my 4 year old is NOT going to sleep in a tent, no matter how cool he thinks it sounds now) I AM looking forward to the campfire and roasted marshmallows. 🙂

  7. Great week of running! The heat is coming back this week, and there goes the paces… 😛

  8. Great job not letting missed runs mess up your while week! Looking forward to the race recap!

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