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Weight Loss Wednesday: Good thoughts today please!

on August 26, 2015

I don’t have much to contribute today because my brain is a little distracted by my rheumatology appointment coming up this afternoon. There’s lots of worry and anger swirling right now, so any good vibes you can spare to keep me even keeled will be much appreciated. I know it will all be fine. I just need to keep repeating that to myself. 🙂 I’m not even sure what I want – a diagnosis so I don’t feel crazy, even if that diagnosis is something that I’ll deal with for the rest of my life? To be told I’m just getting old? Or that I’m crazy? Or that it’s really something even more problematic than the autoimmune diagnosis I’m expecting? What I’m dreading most, actually, is the very real possibility of “we don’t know but let’s watch and wait” (and draw gallons of blood of course). Waiting is not my strong suit. I’m much more into “doing.”

When O heard me on the phone setting things up with rheumatology, he got his doctor stuff out so he could make me better. What a sweetheart!

When O heard me on the phone setting things up with rheumatology, he got his doctor stuff out so he could make me better. What a sweetheart!

It’s never fair for people to get sick – it just happens. And people are much more sick than I am, so I’m lucky. And being healthy makes it all easier to bear – the fact that I got healthy doesn’t make it especially unfair that I might be sick or mean that I got “cheated.” Can you tell I’m doing a lot of self-talk today?

Really, I need you guys to come with me throughout the day to keep me from eating everything in sight so that all of this angst will just get washed away in the oblivion of food and a binge that leaves me feeling worse than I do now. I don’t miss the disgust that came with binge eating, but right about now I miss that all-too-brief oblivion I got before the disgust sank in.

It will be okay.

Before I got too distracted, I was going to write about advice for a friend who is about to become a Weight Watcher leader, so why don’t we distract ourselves with that. What would you like in a weight loss leader? We’ll put together a bunch of advice for her and I’ll share it in a post with you guys and her next week. 🙂

Thanks for the good vibes, as always.


14 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday: Good thoughts today please!

  1. Oh Jessica, wishing you all the best today. Hang in there. Maybe you’ll have some answers at least. ((HUGS))

  2. Thinking of you today!

    As for your friend, my favorite leader was one who focused the group discussion on tip sharing. My least favorite leader was one who basically just read from the weekly & let members monopolize the conversation.

  3. Meg B says:

    Thinking good thoughts for you!

  4. Best of luck to you today! Remember, food that you don’t need is just a distraction that does not help your body 🙂 I’m not in weight watchers, but I actually am a trained group therapist! As far as some tips on how to lead a support group… it’s important to have someone who knows in what direction they want to steer the conversation. It’s also important to have a leader who reaches out to those who aren’t talking that much… “Sarah, that’s a great point… Erica, have you noticed that also?”

  5. Hoping for the best for you honey, I really am!

  6. Thinking of you!

    I love my WW leader, and she’s definitely my favorite of the leaders I’ve had. She’s extremely engaging and makes everyone feel welcome. She’s also very genuine and isn’t afraid to admit if she’s up a bit. She’s able to take everyone’s story, whatever they say, and make it relatable to everyone in the group.

  7. All the best to you!

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