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Tuesdays of the Run: Runners who inspire me

on August 18, 2015

Today’s Tuesdays on the Run topic is runners who inspire us, which is exactly what I need to think about on this dreary day when I’m already getting myself a little psyched out about my impending speed work today (3 X 0.5 mile at 10:00 minute pace). Thanks as always to Patty, Erika and April for hosting! Be sure to check out the rest of the link up if you need a dose of inspiration in your day.


It’s no surprise to you guys that Oliver is my biggest, most consistent inspiration in my running. His joy in running and in moving his little body reminds me every day that it is FUN and a privilege to be able to run. When I’m dragging, I think of those little legs flying down the sidewalk and can’t help but grin and pick it up a bit.

Check out that speed!

Check out that speed!

This summer, my other big running inspiration has been all of the new runners around me. My secretary, who ran her first 5K this time last year, is now gearing up to tackle her first 10K (and will be running the Princess 5K in WDW in February!). Another co-worker has taken up the Couch to 5K program this summer as a way to get in shape and to deal with some family stress, which makes me so proud and excited for her. I’ve noticed another mother I pass in my neighborhood now running intervals as well. What is it about us crazy mother runners who pick summer to START running?

What is it about all of these new runners that I find inspiring?

– Their bravery in trying something new: I think I sometimes forget just how big a deal it was to take that first step and being surrounded by people taking that step for the first time reminds me of that. In being proud and excited for them, I’m reminded that I should be that proud and excited for me too.

This is in my office and applies to work stuff as well as running things. Starting is a huge success, even with small steps.

This is in my office and applies to work stuff as well as running things. Starting is a huge success, even with small steps.

– Their joy in new accomplishments: I smile every time I think about how excited my couch to 5K friend was when she described getting through the whole workout for the first time. It’s the same grin Oliver gets on his face when he tells me that he beat me in a race because he eats his veggies. 🙂 That thrill of accomplishment is so HUGE as a new runner. As we get more experienced and improvement comes down to a tiny improvement in pace or PR, we lose some of that “gee golly wow” of those early running milestones.

– They give me a great excuse to talk running as much as I want: It’s sort of surreal to realize that I’m a source of relative expertise on running, at least for true newbies. It’s fun to talk about all of the “running stuff” and remember some of the key principles that I lose track of sometimes.

– They remind me how far I’ve come: This is especially key in the doldrums of summer, when every run seems so hard and so slow. Yes, my summer runs are hard and slow, but they’re also long. When I was a beginning runner, I could never imagine running 5 miles let alone the 5 half marathons I’ve run in the last couple of years. Being reminded of how much I’ve changed and how much progress I’ve made is so motivating and it is something I personally forget about until I’m reminded about it by a new runner. A big part of that is remembering the new runner I used to be myself. That girl who went on that first run 3 years ago with all of those extra pounds and inadequate sports bra and shoes (has it been 3 years? Wow) is still such a huge inspiration for me and reminding myself that she was ME is mind-boggling.

Who are your running inspirations? Be sure to check out the rest of the link-up to get a dose of inspiration from lots of other great running bloggers. I can’t wait to soak up the inspiration and get jazzed for my workout this afternoon. 🙂

4 responses to “Tuesdays of the Run: Runners who inspire me

  1. It’s so hard to narrow it down to just a handful of inspiring runners, isn’t it? There are so many!

  2. New runners are so inspiring! I always love it when someone I know decides to start running.

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