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Weekly Wrap-Up: Back to School Time!

on August 10, 2015

Today, I saw lots of little kids posing on their front steps for the traditional “first day of school” picture. They were all so cute. There’s just something inherently exciting and hopeful about this time of year. For a runner, it also means there’s the hope of fall weather just around the corner most importantly!

This week was a good one from the workout perspective. I did my first speed work and tempo runs of this training plan and got through another 6 day-run week without any problems (knock on wood!). So far so good! I also got in my strength training and yoga, at least a bit, so I’m doing reasonably well in terms of goals for the month as well.


Monday 3 easy miles to shake things out after the 10K

Tuesday Speed work on the treadmill: My goals for this workout were not to skimp on the warm up and cool down, which I do far too often. I did one mile warm up and then 6 quarter mile intervals (2:28 each) with a 0.15 mile recovery between. The more sustained “speed work” was new for me and interesting. I think it really will help me overall with my speed in longer runs as I have to keep the faster turnover up for a longer period time, even if they aren’t as fast are previous shorter speed work intervals. I also did body weight strength training in the evening while I was doing bedtime with O. Turns out, you can do a lot of floor work while you’re reading bedtime stories!

Wednesday This was a rest day, but I did get in a little over a mile of walking back and forth to the library to return a book.

Thursday I had a tempo run on the schedule and like Jennifer talked about here, tempo runs in the Hanson method are meant to run at race pace. Thus, I decided that instead of doing it on the treadmill, where I can let the treadmill do the pace setting work, I would tackle the tempo runs of this training cycle on the road as much as possible. Given the heat, I decided that rather than attempting my race pace (11:20) for the tempo mile, I’d do race intervals and see where the pace fell out. The intervals that have served me well in prior long runs were 3 minute runs with 30 second walks so I thought I’d try those to start. I was really pleasantly surprised to see that I finished that tempo mile in 11:15 with those intervals, without feeling like I was really pushing it like I would in an actual race. I know it was only for one mile, but as these increase over the next few weeks I’m hoping it helps me learn to sustain that pace better in a real race situation.

Friday 3 muggy evening miles – When is fall going to get here? I also did my strength training in the morning and was able to step up my single leg bridges to 15 on each side – that’s improvement and my NSV for this week!

Saturday 3 interrupted, fartlek-y, absolutely fun miles! Rather than running by myself Saturday evening, we decided to make a family outing of it. I took off running for the first mile plus and met up with Darrell and Oliver (and the stroller) to walk across the street to go to a new park. After we crossed the street, O got out of the stroller to run with me to finish out 2 miles. It was a blast! We’d run at 7ish minute mile pace for a bit and then stop and walk and then he’d turn around to taunt Daddy a bit who was slowly walking behind us. 🙂 After we got to the park, we took a break to play baseball and on the swings before heading back. I ran another mile to finish up 3 miles and then walked the rest of the way back with them. It was an interrupted, odd run for sure but a very fun way to get in three miles!

He can move fast when he wants to!

He can move fast when he wants to!

Sunday Oh my goodness was it muggy! I waited a little too late to leave for this run (around 8 am) and while it wasn’t super hot, it was incredibly humid. It was like running through soup! I gave myself a longer than usual walk to warm up and then just reminded myself over and over than it was just about miles on my feet, not how fast I finished them in this weather. My ponytail and skirt were soaked by mile 3 and I’d finished my water by mile 5! Still, I got through all 7 miles (13:30 pace overall) and my last mile was actually my fastest by a long shot, totally accidentally! I also got in another 0.35 miles walking to cool down and a half mile walk in the evening after dinner with my guys. I spent Sunday afternoon in a movie (AntMan) and since I was in the recliner seats with no one near me, I decided to do some yoga stretches while I was watching it. I’m sure I looked ridiculous but it felt good!

Not sure this picture shows you how soaked my skirt was, but trust me I was drenched!

Not sure this picture shows you how soaked my skirt was, but trust me I was drenched!

I also did foam rolling and planks most days, which is good and I’ll definitely keep that up. I didn’t have any of that left hip pain at all in Sundays run and I think that’s a testament to the increased foam rolling. This week, I’m grateful that Oliver’s first adventure as a birthday party guest went well. He had a blast and was very well behaved, all that a mother could ask for! I ended up getting the afternoon to watch the movie because he said it was a boy party and I wasn’t allowed to come. He promised that next time he’d write me a note so I could come even though I was just a girl. (Of course, it should be noted that Darrell was the only Dad there – apparently all of those other moms didn’t get the “boys only” spiel from their kids).

Quite the cool party favors!

Quite the cool party favors!

Our good deed this week was cleaning up a mess at Party City, even though we didn’t make it. I love that O sees those things and wants to help fix them. Such a sweetie! (And OMG is it easy to go overboard in that place! I bought way more than I should have for O’s party later this month!)

I think Darrell's idea of a family walk every night after dinner is a great one for all of us!

I think Darrell’s idea of a family walk every night after dinner is a great one for all of us!

This week, I’m going to keep up the training plan and work on adding weights to my strength training, as well as some more focused yoga time. I’m also going to track my food using the Racing Weight scoring scale just to see where I am. I feel like I make good choices most of the time, but looking at things in writing periodically helps me see patterns I may miss otherwise.

I hope everyone has a good week! Good luck to everyone getting kiddos back to school today!


4 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Back to School Time!

  1. I love your speed treadmill workout! I am going to try it this winter when I am in the gym! I am on outdoor runner in the summer but I sure could use some more speed! I also like that you incorporate your family into all of your days. I am a fellow stroller jogger and think it is so important to show my daughter that being healthy is important! I want her to learn young that she can acheive so much more than ordinary! Way to go, you are doing it right in my eyes!

  2. Great week! The 3-mile interrupted run with your family sounds like a lot of fun. Glad that the foam rolling really helped your hip. I don’t love it, but I know it’s important to do! This weekend was really hot & humid here too. I’m glad that it’s almost back-to-school time, because I want fall to come!

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