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Friday Favorites: Wish me luck – day off with O!

on August 7, 2015

O’s preschool is closed today for teacher development. It’s my last gasp of time with a preschooler – he transfers to preK on Monday. I can’t wrap my mind around the idea that my baby is going to be in preK. What is the world coming to! Today he’s off with me and fingers crossed, he’s going to sit quietly in the one seminar I have to attend today. One of my students is giving a presentation and I’d really like to be there for moral support. O and I will sit in the back and he understands that he’s to quietly watch his movie with his headphones on until it is time to clap at the end of the talk. He’s very excited about the clapping time. πŸ™‚ I’m holding the prospect of that birthday party he wants to attend Sunday over his head, so hopefully all will go well. The “stick” of the party and the “carrot” of the smoothie I’ve promised him afterwards from the coffee stand will hopefully work together to keep him quiet and happy for an hour. He’s normally a good kiddo in these situations. He used to love going to Weight Watchers meetings and was always quiet through those until the clapping. Wish me luck!

Check out my bright new shoes this week!

Check out my bright new shoes this week!

I found myself laughing and sympathizing with Jennifer’s post about her complicated relationship with shorts this week. Most of the laughter was in thinking of her poor husband taking a zillion photos and videos, all while not understanding why she was worried about the shorts. πŸ™‚ Darrell would be the same way. The first time I wore shorts out in public after my weight loss, I was so self conscious of the visible sagging and it was nowhere on Darrell’s radar at all. He was confused as to why I was worried. Oliver, bless him, is not so willfully blind and has asked why I look like the Saggy Baggy Elephant in some places. Ah kids. Ultimately, though, she had a big body image victory and I love that she’s starting to see that she looks fantastic!

Speaking of trying brave new things, I loved Emmie’s post about snorkeling on her vacation. It’s so easy to let our insecurities get in the way of enjoying new experiences in life, so I am definitely cheering her on as she steps outside her comfort zone!

I definitely sympathized with the fear of not fitting into the harness, as I worried about that here!

I definitely sympathized with the fear of not fitting into the harness, as I worried about that here!

For our usual bit of laughter this week, check out this XKCD about Roombas. My dog Abby used to follow the Roomba around the house, everywhere it went. I did convince her she didn’t need to bark at it in general, but she almost always barked at while it was under the sofa. She feels strongly that it needs to be closely monitored, I guess. πŸ™‚

Wish us luck surviving our first 4 year old birthday party this weekend! I’m going to need to keep Oliver out of the bounce house (and keep him from blowing out the candles because that’s his favorite part). Fingers crossed that neither O nor I screw up too badly! Social endeavors are always dicey.

Have a great weekend!


6 responses to “Friday Favorites: Wish me luck – day off with O!

  1. You sound like you’re having fun with life. Good luck!!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful day with your little man and that the 4 year old birthday party goes smoothly!

  3. I hope you had a great day together! I’ve taken Karinne to WW meetings before, but even with a video and headphones she starts getting antsy after about 20 minutes–which I can’t figure out, because at home she has no problem sitting down and watching a show for an hour. Oh well. She is also starting PreK next week–I can’t believe it’s here already!

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