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August Goals – Dare I say we’re on the downhill slide of summer?

on August 6, 2015

I was CHILLY for a brief moment when I stepped outside my house to run this morning. So exciting. šŸ™‚ Granted, it was still humid and 70 degrees but in Nebraska, we do start to see a break from the never-ending heat in August. There are still crazy hot days, but thankfully they aren’t every day. September gets even better and then October brings the snow. Gotta love the Midwest, right?

That little moment has me feeling all kinds of optimistic about August right now, so what better time to talk about my goals for the month. Before we get to those, a quick look back at July’s goals and how I did.

Track my food on Instagram while I’m in Italy: This really helped me to keep things in check while I traveled! That little extra second of accountability was really helpful. I’ll definitely use this strategy again.

My usual breakfast in Italy

My usual breakfast in Italy

Be active every day while I’m traveling: Done and done! Not only did I get in some nice walks and a hike, I did the stairs every day (LOTS of stairs) and got in one run in Tuscany. Gorgeous!

Very Indiana Jones-feeling, right?

Very Indiana Jones-feeling, right?

Use the #100happydays hashtag on Instagram to take more active notice of the things that make me happy: While I haven’t done this every day, I’ve definitely used it a lot and I always look forward to that moment that I get to pause and say “this makes me happy.” Little things can be huge!

Not weighing in: Still terrifying. I have a doctor’s appointment today, so I’m bracing for the number as I feel a little fluffy this month, but I made it through the month really focusing on what I was eating for its quality,not on my weight. Thank goodness it is summer and I can wear lots of forgiving little dresses. I’m actually going to keep this goal (aside from doctor’s visits) because I feel like it was really good for shifting my food focus, like I discussed here last week. I do think that I’m going to work a little on making at least one lighter swap a day though. I fully expect the number at doctor’s office to be in the 180s and I do not want to live there.

Strength training and yoga every week: I’ve definitely been better about this, but not perfect, especially with yoga. This one needs to stay on the list!

All in all, I’d give July a solid B+. Looking forward to August, in addition to keeping up the #100happydays (not at 100 days yet after all) and the strength training and yoga, my goals will include:

Foam roll after every run: I’m running 6 days a week now and need to be extra vigilant. In addition to yoga and strength training, I’m going to take at least a few moments to foam roll or use the stick every day I run.

-We talked about the importance of core work last week as part of Tuesdays on the Run. While I’m down on the floor for that foam rolling, I might as well do a plank every day too!

-Participate in the Lovely Ladies Losing It 1000 mile Facebook challenge. This has already prompted me to walk to the library instead of drive, even though it was a “rest” day. More steps are always good!

-I’ve gotten such pleasure from the #100happydays movement that I decided to rope my family in on the fun. We’ll be talking every day at dinner about something that made us happy or grateful. It’s good to teach Oliver early in life how to appreciate what we have!

Those aren’t many goals, but they’re important ones and will complement the step up in my training plan to 6 days a week, plus speed work and tempo runs, quite nicely.

What are your goals for August?



6 responses to “August Goals – Dare I say we’re on the downhill slide of summer?

  1. Wow, that weather… we probably won’t even THINK about fall until at least late September/October here. Great job on your July goals! I haven’t thought too much about my goals for August (it’s August? Really?), but they’re probably going to be the same as July because I didn’t follow through very well on my goals last month. I love your idea about talking at dinner about something that made you happy/grateful each day; I might have to borrow that one!

  2. It was chilly here this morning too, but it was just a tease. It will still be hot here through August. Exciting that it gets cooler there in August! Great job on your July goals, and great goals for August. My goal is to foam roll once a week but I think I need to do it more (says the latest article in RW anyway.) I just don’t like foam rolling so it’s harder to commit to than stretching or yoga, which I like.

    • I appreciate these occasional teasing cool days even though it won’t be every day here either. šŸ™‚ I never devote a ton of time to foam rolling so hopefully a couple of minutes more often will make up for the fact that I don’t spend a ton of time on it.

  3. […] got in my strength training and yoga, at least a bit, so Iā€™m doing reasonably well in terms of goals for the month as […]

  4. […] confess that I have not done a single plank or foam rolling session in a week. So much for that goal this month – time to get back on […]

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