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Weight Loss Wednesday: Travel-ready snacking

on July 15, 2015

For today’s Weight Loss Wednesday, I thought it would be a good idea to talk through some of my favorite travel-ready snacks since I’m globe-trotting this week. Having my own healthy snacks on hand made all of the flying and airporting a lot easier and has also helped now that I’m here in Italy surrounded by conference snacks. It’s easier to resist the cookies when I know I have a healthier option in my bag.

Travel snacks can be tricky because you want something sturdy enough to stand up to being hauled halfway around the world without getting crushed or bruised (I’m looking at you, black and blue bananas!) and something that’s okay at room temperature. It also needs to be relatively small so that you can fit it in easily with all of the other stuff you’ve got to haul around. You definitely want something with lots of bang-for-its-buck in terms of lots of satisfaction and satiety in a small package.

These are things I brought along for my nearly-24-hour travel day from Omaha to Barga:

Surprisingly not super salty!

Surprisingly not super salty!

A common theme in my travel snacks is that they’re very protein-heavy as protein can get you a lot of satisfaction in a small package. I picked up this turkey jerky at Whole Foods a while back specifically for this trip. I generally don’t love jerky because it is so salty, but this version doesn’t taste super-salty and had a nice flavor (almost sweet in a BBQ-ish way despite not being labeled as flavored). The big perk of jerky is that it doesn’t require any refrigeration and is fairly indestructible, as all of those Old-West can attest to. πŸ™‚

These were delicious!!

These were delicious!!

Speaking of protein, room temp stable and indestructible, nuts are also a great go-to travel snack. The thing to remember with nuts is that they’re also pretty calorie dense, so you need to be cognizant of your portions. I had a couple of 100 calorie packs of plain almonds and pistachios, in addition to this bigger bag of flavored almonds. They were fantastic so I had to be careful about stopping myself at one serving (24 almonds in anΒ  ounce, approximately).

Recent discovery of mine - LOVE!

Recent discovery of mine – LOVE!

I recently ran across these Enlightened Roasted Broad Beans in the “health market” section of my grocery store and I love them! I’ve had the sea salt flavor, but there are also BBQ, Siracha and Wasabi flavors.

They're a little nutty in flavor.

They’re a little nutty in flavor.

These are roasted broad beans, just like the name says, and there are three servings in a bag, so keep that in mind. They have a nutty, slightly chewy/crunchy texture and if you’re someone who likes beans, try them out.

Not the most temp stable, but tasty.

Not the most temp stable, but tasty.

I also picked up some of the new Sargento snack packets for this trip. There are a few varieties and each includes cheese cubes paired with nuts and dried fruit. It’s like having a little mini-cheese tray and offers a nice mix of salty/sweet. The packaging holds up well tossed down in a bag, but the cheese can get soft if it gets warm so be aware of that.

Love these little round bundles of goodness

Love these little round bundles of goodness

Speaking of cheese, I also like the little round Babybel cheeses. They hold up a little better than most string cheeses for me, without getting smooshed, and unwrapping the red wax is just fun. πŸ™‚

Yummy - but 200 calories in this small package so be careful!

Yummy – but 200 calories in this small package so be careful!

I also brought a few Larabars (found them on sale at a local grocery store for 80 cents each!), which can pinch hit for breakfast or a snack. I was glad I had one to fill out my breakfast when I was in the Munich airport and all of the options were very carb and/or sausage heavy!

These snacks have helped keep me on track both during my travel day and now that I’m here at the conference. What are your go-to travel snacks, whether they carry you across town or across the world?


PS Nothing sponsored here – just the things I personally like!

PS #2 Theoretically my luggage has been located and will be on its way here today! I’m totally counting it this week’s NSV that my first thought was “I can go run Thursday!”

8 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday: Travel-ready snacking

  1. I always bring almonds with me…a handful always seems to hold me!

  2. chasingdownhealthy says:

    I have never tried a larabar. Or any bar, honestly. I think I avoid them because I know I can eat a whole box of granola bars and I figure it would be the same. (oink) I love traveling with almonds and babybels. And you’re right, there’s something oddly satisfying about peeling off that wax.

  3. I am a jerky freak. I love it!

  4. These are great! We’re going on a 7+ hour road trip with the kids this weekend and I started shopping for our snacks today. I definitely need to pick up some jerky!

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