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Tuesdays on the Run: Where I Run

on July 14, 2015

I envisioned this post to be full of pictures of Tuscany, where I’d hoped to be running this week. Alas, thanks to lost luggage, I haven’t been able to run while I am here (yet – I hold out hope that my luggage will arrive complete with my shoes!). I’ll still give you pics from my walks, though, because it really is gorgeous here!

Not shabby, right?

Not shabby, right?

When I’m at home, I tend to run in 3 different places. Most of my runs, especially the weekday easy runs, take place in my neighborhood. The perk of this is definitely convenience – I open the door and go. There are also hills, which as much as I sometimes hate them I have to admit is a strength of this particular route. Hills are strength training in disguise, right? I can do about 6 miles without leaving my neighborhood, which may not be the most exciting way to get those miles in, but comes in really handy on a weekday. The downside to running in the burbs is the concrete – it’s definitely harder on my legs and shoes than running on softer surfaces would be. Also, there are lots of witnesses which raises the possibility of a) someone seeing me in my less-than-stellar mid-run sweaty-ness and b) forced social interaction, not this introvert’s favorite thing.

Mid-walk selfie: I'm holding up pretty well for someone surviving on day 4 of carry-on clothes and toiletries only, right?

Mid-walk selfie: I’m holding up pretty well for someone surviving on day 4 of carry-on clothes and toiletries only, right?

I do my speed work at the gym on the treadmill. When I tried to do speed work in my neighborhood last fall, a) I didn’t push myself hard enough or consistently enough and b) I tweaked my hip running over curbs. With my spring training cycle, I stuck to the treadmill for speedwork and felt like I got a much higher quality workout. I also did my tempo runs on the treadmill in the spring, but think I’m going to try to do those on the road this time around so I get better at pacing myself. Of course, in Nebraska, I sometimes have to hit the treadmill thanks to weather conditions too. Thank goodness I figured out how to read the Kindle on the treadmill. It has saved my life in some dreary winter long runs on the treadmill!

It would be gorgeous, but possibly a little treacherous to run here in Barga thanks to the uneven paths.

It would be gorgeous, but possibly a little treacherous to run here in Barga thanks to the uneven paths.

The third place I tend to run locally is around a local lake, with a relatively flat path that’s approximately 8 miles. I did almost all of my long runs for my Princess training there, so it has a lot of good memories. I would head over to run there after my Weight Watchers meetings every Saturday morning. I relied more on my neighborhood for long runs this spring but I’m hoping to get back to the lake for this training cycle. It’s shaded in a lot of spots, which is lovely, and there’s always the possibility of running across deer or other wildlife. Of course, there’s also unfortunately the possibility of your car getting broken into, which is why I stopped running there as much (in addition to general laziness about not wanting to drive my car somewhere just to run). I can park at my gym, where my car is a little safer, and run half a mile down to the park, but somehow that extra step seemed like too much in the winter. This summer I’ll have to remind myself that the shade is worth it!

All of the hills around here make feel as worn out walking as I would running on a flat surface, so I'm definitely still getting my workout in!

All of the hills around here make me feel as worn out walking as I would running on a flat surface, so I’m definitely still getting my workout in!

I travel a lot for work and try to run wherever I can because it’s a great way to see the places I visit (see my 50 states goal here!). For more tips on finding places to run when you travel, check out this post.

Cross your fingers that my sneakers (and the rest of my luggage) eventually show up here so my “where I run” this week really can be through this lovely scenery. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to getting back home Saturday to run my home streets again. My husband laughs at me because I don’t know any of the street names in my neighborhood, but I can tell you how far just about any point is from our house thanks to lots of miles logged with the Garmin. 🙂


Thanks as always to April, Patty and Erika for hosting. Where do you like to run? Be sure to check out the link up to find out where everyone else logs their miles!



14 responses to “Tuesdays on the Run: Where I Run

  1. Oh dear, that stinks that your luggage still has not made it. Sounds like you have a few options with your running route. It’s a shame you have to worry about your car being broke into when you run at the lake.

    • It’s otherwise a really nice neighborhood so I was really surprised when I first heard of that happening. Of course, we also had a flasher on that trail for a while so maybe the neighborhood isn’t as nice as I think. 🙂

  2. Hope your luggage arrives asap! I bet the scenery is breathtaking though!

  3. I too hope that you get that luggage. Tuscany looks gorgeous – hopefully I’ll get to go to Italy one day! That’s smart to take your speedwork to the treadmill. It’s very effective and a lot safer!

  4. HoHo Runs says:

    I’m an out the door kind of gal. I’m usually time crunched and stick to my neighborhood. I would really like your 8-miler around the lake! Hope you get your luggage soon!

  5. I sure hope your luggage shows up! I’d hate to be in such a gorgeous place and not get in a run! 🙂

  6. d20girl says:

    Tuscany!! How gorgeous! I hope you’re having a wonderful trip!

  7. I also read my Kindle at the gym, though while on the bike. I haven’t tried on the treadmill yet–I should do that. It definitely makes the time pass more quickly!

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