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Weekly Wrap-Up: A little chaos, but Italy is worth it right?

on July 13, 2015

The last week flew by thanks to work stuff and getting ready for this trip to Italy. It all culminated in my arrival in Tuscany yesterday. I’m in the little town of Barga and my views this morning look like this:

Not shabby, right?

Not shabby, right?

Unfortunately, my luggage is NOT in the little town of Barga. Who knows where it is. We’re going to look on the bright side and say that my gratitude moment of the week is that this kind of thing happened when I was traveling alone rather than with my family. It’s much easier to make do when it is just me than if O was along on this trip. Also, it gives me an excuse to go shopping tomorrow for clothes in Italy. Always a bright side?

As my running shoes are in that lost luggage, my exercise this week may look more like lots of walking and lots of stairs rather than running. Thank goodness I’d built these two weeks into my training plan as “keep active” weeks rather than any essential runs! I also won’t be able to do much other exercise in my room given that there isn’t floor space for a plank or anything else:

Gotta love tiny European hotel rooms!

Gotta love tiny European hotel rooms!

Still, it’s Italy. I can’t complain too much when I have a job that occasionally requires traveling to places like this.


Monday An easy two mile run – I’m sort of enjoying this easy shake out run after the Sunday long run. I also did squats, calf raises and lunges in my office throughout the day. I’m sure I looked ridiculous to anyone who passed by, but it got done!

Tuesday Rest day – I couldn’t get myself out of bed to get it done.

Wednesday 2.1 miles – It was supposed to be 3 but I had to cut it short to get to work on time. I did some strength training with the kettlebell in the evening (goblet squats, swings, one legged-dead lifts).

Thursday 3 miles – easy, fun and I totally killed the hills in my neighborhood!

I use this hill for hill work in my neighborhood.

I use this hill for hill work in my neighborhood.

Friday The Garmin was packed, so I don’t know how far I ran but I’m sure I fell short of the 2-3 miles on the training plan as I was only out there 20 minutes. I had a couple of runs fall short this week, but at least I kept moving, right? I also did push ups and planks with Oliver in the evening.

Saturday Travel day! I made sure to go for a twenty minute walk in the terminal while I was in Newark. Airports can be a great place to get activity in!

Sunday Travel day! I walked for about 45 minutes in Munich, through the G and H terminals in the airport. It was a great chance to wake up a bit and to get in some people watching. I was intrigued by the number of people having beer with their breakfast. 🙂

Without my luggage, I may not be able to run much here but I’m getting in lots of stairs. The elevators are TINY so I’ve been walking the 9 floors up to my room. It’s a shame I left my FitBit at home – I suspect it would be happy this week.

My NSV this week was throwing away the leftover birthday cheesecake. It turns out, when you eat a reasonable serving a cake each day, after a couple of days you’re bored with it but still have lots left. That’s a novel occurrence in my life. 🙂 It was odd to throw it away again – definitely a throwback to the beginning of this process. My good deed this week was helping a bunch of high schoolers navigate the airport in Omaha on Saturday. It was their very first flight for a school trip. They were cute (but I was glad that mass of high schooolers wasn’t on my flight!).

Have you ever lost your luggage on international travel? Anybody want to place bets on how long it takes them to return it to me? I’m guessing Thursday, before I leave Friday. 🙂



10 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: A little chaos, but Italy is worth it right?

  1. Great attitude with losing your luggage! Maybe it will get to you sooner than you think, though. Even if it doesn’t, you have a good plan for staying active. I think just being aware that you need to be active goes a long way–like thinking about walking in the airport terminal, another great idea. Enjoy Italy! Also, I just joined Instagram so will connect with you to see your food journal. 🙂

    • At this point, I think I’d rather they just send it back home for me since I’m going to have to go shopping for new stuff anyway. 🙂 My goal is not to take the elevator all week. I’ll need it to balance out all of the wine that keeps showing up with every meal!

  2. Anna says:

    Great idea to skip the elevator in get in some extra steps. I hope you and your luggage are reunited soon. Enjoy your trip.

  3. I hope they find your luggage soon! The view is amazing. Congrats on tossing the rest of your cheesecake! I did that with brownies a while ago… just ate 1 or 2 small ones each day, and after a few days they weren’t that great anymore. It’s a strange feeling, I must confess.

  4. Oh wow…Tuscany! I’d be ok without the luggage, except I’d REALLY want to run there.

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