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Happy Independence Day!

on July 4, 2015

Today we’re having our Coffee Date with a side dose of fireworks and flag waving, which is always fun. As much as I love my coffee, we’re also definitely having iced coffee for this particular July coffee date.Thanks as always to our lovely hosts! Be sure to check out the rest of the link up.

Thanks as always to Lynda, Coco and Deborah for hosting!

Thanks as always to Lynda, Coco and Deborah for hosting!

Other than discussing our plans for the weekend and the yummy food we’ll be having (burgers with some veggie-heavy, lettuce-free salads that I’m hoping to sneak in on Oliver; blueberry-raspberry cheesecake bars; way too much watermelon!), I know I’d be gabbing on about these things this morning:

– I’m going to Italy in a week and excited to see somewhere new (and a little worried that I’ll be disappointed – Italy has always been on my list of “must visit” places so expectations are HIGH). I’ve stocked up on books and magazines and healthy snacks for the flight over since I can’t manage to sleep on planes. Be sure to send Darrell good vibes for his week of solo parenting!

As new magazines have come in over the last few weeks, I've had to resist reading them so I could save them for this trip!

As new magazines have come in over the last few weeks, I’ve had to resist reading them so I could save them for this trip!

– Speaking of travel, my oldest, bestest friend and I have birthdays in the same week in July. We celebrated turning 30 together in Las Vegas years ago and on my recent visit to her house in Indiana, we made a plan to use my DVC points to visit a beachy resort somewhere for our 40th birthdays. No kids, no responsibilities, just laying on the beach with a book and a drink? Yes please!

– Speaking of books, I asked my husband to pick up a library book I’d requested when he was out running errands last month, not realizing that he’d have to check it out at the counter rather than the self checkout because it was requested in my name. He was more than a little embarrassed but the library ladies said they were just glad to see people reading, no matter what they read. πŸ™‚ I LOVE the library! (Thanks the NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast for this recommendation – it was a better-than-average romance novel, just what I needed for a quick summer read!)

I kind of love that Darrell had to check this out himself. :)

I kind of love that Darrell had to check this out himself. πŸ™‚

– Speaking of Pop Culture Happy Hour, listening to their podcast this week has me tempted to go see Magic Mike XXL which was not really on my to do list despite my love of the charming Channing Tatum. I don’t really have the girlfriends in town to go see this kind of trashy fun with though. 😦 Maybe once it comes out on DVD, I’ll do a remote viewing party with my bestie.

– My birthday is this weekend. All week, we’ve been getting boxes and it is driving me a little nuts not to be able to open them. It isn’t the temptation to see my gifts – I’m a big believer in waiting until your birthday to open them. It’s that I know there are normal household purchases mixed in among the boxes but I can’t tell from the outside which are things I’ve gotten and which are gifts so I have to wait. I forgot about my birthday or else I’d have shipped things in Darrell’s name instead.

We are overrun with boxes and I've got them stashed all over the house. Here's hoping I can re-find them all so I can get timely thank you's out to people!

We are overrun with boxes and I’ve got them stashed all over the house. Here’s hoping I can re-find them all so I can get timely thank you’s out to people!

It feels depressingly adult to sit here on my birthday morning, when I am up well before the rest of the household, a) knowing I can’t open my gifts yet because Oliver would be sad he didn’t get to help – even the gifts I know aren’t from him & Darrell and b) knowing that the answer to the question “Would I rather spend my birthday cleaning my kitchen first thing in the morning so it’s clean when I get back from my run or spend my birthday saying I’m taking the day off from dishes and garbage?” was answered by me cleaning the kitchen before my first cup of coffee. Ah, adulthood. πŸ™‚

Clearly, today there would be a lot chatting on my end on our little coffee date. I promise I’d pause to let you talk to, so please do! Let me know what’s on your mind this summer. In the meantime, have a happy Fourth of July everyone!



14 responses to “Happy Independence Day!

  1. HoHo Runs says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m sitting here sipping pumpkin spice coffee and reading blogs when I should be cleaning my kitchen! Kudos to you for getting it done. It’s hilarious your husband had to pick up that book. And wow, enjoy your trip to Italy! That sounds very cool.

  2. Coco says:

    Happy Birthday! I still start my day with hot coffee, but am hooked on my ice-tall-one-pump-skinny-vanilla-latte in the afternoons. I think renting XXL for a girl’s night would be more fun than seeing it in the theater anyway. I hope you are done with your chores for the day!

  3. oh Italy is one of my fave places to visit! It does not disappoint and the food is amazing. Have such a great time. Thanks for stopping by for coffee today

  4. Haha! Yes adult birthdays just aren’t the same! My favorite birthday present it a weekend trip so I don’t have to do any work!

  5. Happy Birthday Jessica! And have a great trip to Italy!

  6. Happy Birthday!! Italy is on my bucket list too- the hubby and I are planning a trip this fall to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Have a great time and post lots of pics!

  7. Carrie says:

    I love Pop Culture Happy Hour – I heard that episode with the romance novels, but I kept forgetting to go look up the book. Thanks for the reminder.

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