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Weekly Wrap-Up: Back on the training wagon

on June 29, 2015

It felt good to get back on the wagon this week after being “off” before! It’s sort of nice to get back to the structure of a training plan after my Garmin-less, schedule-less runs for the last couple of months. 🙂 It’s always easier to get moving with a goal. I just finished week one of my new training plan (more on that here and here) and my legs are back to that pleasantly “used” feeling that comes with regularly running (15 miles this week).


Monday 3 miles, at around 12:30 pace – I had to remind myself that the first mile always stinks and that training in heat of summer will pay off in spades in the fall! Even with the heat and a sense of trudging along, it felt good to get moving again!

Tuesday I did a little HIIT workout with my kettlebell, leaving my pleasantly achy for the rest of the week. Love the combo of cross training and strength work!

Wednesday I had 3 miles on the schedule, but that didn’t happen thanks to a thunderstorm early in the morning. Darrell just thinks I’m nuts if I head out in the rain, but he does draw the line at lightning and makes me stay in. 🙂

Thursday 30 minute walk to return our library books: I love when I can take this hilly little walk to the library from the Children’s Hospital during the day for a little break and some sunshine.

Thank goodness they don't charge late fees on kids' books - who knows how long we had this one!

Thank goodness they don’t charge late fees on kids’ books – who knows how long we had this one!

Friday 3 miles, with a plan to stick some easy intervals (1 minute run, 30 second walk) to get back to a sense of “work” with the runs. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that those intervals got me to 11:30-12 minute miles while still feeling easy. A bit of foreshadowing for the rest of my weekend: when I picked O up at school, he was limping and no one knew exactly what had happened beyond a fall on the playground.

Saturday This day did not go at all like I planned. When O woke up at 6 am, he was burning up. All day long he had fever up to 102 and limping with no other symptoms. He took a long nap in the afternoon (during which I went out for 3 miserably hot miles and came back telling Darrell that all summer runs would have to be early morning or treadmill for safety!) and woke up feeling well enough that we went out to dinner, but not long after we got home from dinner and the movies he was up again and miserable. 😦 I hate when he’s sick.

The place we went to dinner Saturday night gave us cotton candy as a "parting gift" - always fun!

The place we went to dinner Saturday night gave us cotton candy as a “parting gift” – always fun!

Sunday I headed out for 3 miles before everyone else woke up and when I got home, O seemed to be feeling okay. I headed out to run a local 5K, to bring my total mileage for the day to 6 miles (more on that 5K later this week) and when I got home, O was unfortunately hot and miserable again. 48 hours of fever and limping meant it was time to bite the bullet and head to the ER. They did labs and x-rays and said it was probably just a virus, so we headed home. It was a truly miserable night. Darrell was out of commission with a headache, O was hot and slightly delirious with his fever and I ended up sleeping on the floor next to him to soothe him all night. I’m too old for sleeping on the floor. These bones ache!

Speaking of bones aching, I got called this morning and the x-rays they took in the ER got re-read by the full time radiologists and they aren’t normal. Sigh. Back to orthopedics this afternoon to figure out if it’s just broken or if there’s more going on. Cross your fingers for us!

I should probably just throw these out rather than leaving on the kitchen counter to tempt me.

I should probably just throw these out rather than leaving them on the kitchen counter to tempt me.

My NSV this week happened yesterday, when I picked up the bag of Skittles O’s babysitter had left behind, poured some out in my hands and caught myself before I ate them. I put EVERY ONE of them back in the bag because I knew that being tired and worried about my kid didn’t mean I needed Skittles. Huge little victory. 🙂

My good deed was paying for a mom’s coffee in the Children’s Hospital on Thursday. I was refilling my coffee before my evening meeting (last week was a LONG week with several evening work things) and the mom in line in front of me didn’t have enough money on her gift card to cover what she’d ordered. I told the guy rather than downsizing it I’d cover the rest of hers. With a kid in the hospital, she has bigger things to worry about that getting a smaller coffee because that’s what she can afford.

I’m grateful that even though I’m looking at another cast potentially, it’s still all small stuff and I’m still blessed with a healthy (if accident prone) child.

Wish us luck today with orthopedics! Hopefully they’ll say this is just a little break with nothing else to worry about (Mom brain is in overdrive over here thinking of possibilities!) and that we can do a boot rather than a cast this time.

PS Sorry for all of the superlong, run-on sentences. Definitely a reflection of several nights of poor sleep, unfortunately and I don’t have the mental oomph to edit them!

8 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Back on the training wagon

  1. Sorry about O! I hope he feels better quickly and that it’s nothing serious. Also, it was really kind of you to buy that mom’s coffee–I know she appreciated it!

  2. Meg B says:

    Oh no about O! I hope it is nothing major. Kudos to you for getting out there and running even in the heat.

  3. Marissa says:

    Sorry about Mr O! But glad he’s feeling a bit better. Sounds like you really kicked butt with your training this week. 🙂

  4. Oh no! He just got his cast off! I hope that it’s nothing serious and that he feels better soon. Putting those skittles back is huge. Congrats! As far as your training, sounds like a great first week.

    • It’s a tiny enough break that we don’t have to do anything other than keep him in firm soled shoes for a while,so long as he continues to improve, thankfully. He’s still sick with the fever but hopefully that will pass too.

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