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Weight Loss Wednesday: NSVs & A break from tracking

on June 17, 2015

This week, I thought I’d update you all on how my little break from tracking is going (more on why I took a break here). In short, it’s going really well (knock on wood!). My weight really hasn’t changed (175.8 this AM, where I’ve been hanging for a couple of months) despite not tracking for several weeks now. I’m really enjoying the thought process of choosing the healthiest food, instead of just the lowest calorie food, during this time and gratified to see that it isn’t resulting in a change in the scale or in how my clothes are fitting. Thinking about that got me thinking about all of the other little victories I’ve been noticing lately and as I love a good round up of non-scale victories, I thought we’d do that today.

– I’m still focusing on drinking more water, so when I was tired from all the travel yesterday and really wanted a Diet Dr Pepper at Jason’s Deli, I made myself get a glass of water too.

It's all about balance right? One Diet Dr Pepper, two glasses of water

It’s all about balance right? One Diet Dr Pepper, two glasses of water

– Speaking of Jason’s Deli, what I was really craving was some kind of sandwich. I looked at the menu options, the calorie counts and the ingredients and chose the Mediterranean Wrap, which had turkey, hummus and lots of veggies and it was SO good. Much more satisfying than a salad would have been and still a reasonably healthy choice.

– I didn’t let my food issues get in the way of a) being a good houseguest and b) having a good time this weekend. I’m all for taking care of your own food needs when you travel, whether it is speaking up about your preferences/requirements or bringing your own food, but since I was also bringing a kid I felt like imposing my child on their household was disruption enough; no need to add a bunch of food requests too. πŸ™‚ I just made the healthiest choices I could when we were eating out, including eating only half the bun anywhere I had a sandwich and adding salad or veggies where I could. When we got stuck an extra night, I used that time to stop at the store to get stuff for a salad to go along with the pizza I knew we’d be having for dinner. It was so good and with a plate half full of salad, I was able to feel satisfied with just a little pizza. Of course, I also had several glasses of wine each night while we chatted. πŸ™‚ I just balanced that by not having desserts. In short, I sort of ate like a normal person for a weekend. I’ve been pretending to be normal about food for a few weeks now and it is actually working!

– I already told you guys this one, but it is definitely worth mentioning again: holy cow my arms! Not only can I do full push ups now; I can also lift Oliver up over my head to settle him on my shoulders! Rock star!

Not a NSV, but definitely a mom victory: O insisted on writing a thank you note for our friends when we visited!

Not a NSV, but definitely a mom victory: O insisted on writing a thank you note for our friends when we visited!

– I’m doing really well with my goal of not snacking at night! It gets easier and easier every day. There was one day when I was truly hungry and snacked on some lima beans (odd I know but the only veggie I had readily available) but otherwise, I’ve been able to recognize that I wasn’t actually hungry and distract myself.

– Math NSV: I checked my body fat percentage for the first time in ages after reading the Racing Weight book (more on that coming up) and my body fat is still 28%, within the average range for a woman my age. The really cool part about that is that it means that of the 12-ish pounds I’m up from my lowest weight of 163-164, only 3 pounds is fat. The other 9ish pounds is muscle and other good stuff. Yay, right? I can tell this in my clothes too, in that the place my pants feel tight (for the most part) is in my thighs. All of that strength training shifted things a bit. Of course, there is some tightness in the waistband in some skirts/pants if I’m being totally honest, but mostly we’re good and looking on the bright side!

– My friend that we visited is thinking about running her first 10K in the fall! We talked a lot about training plans and other tips while I was there. She was a cross country runner in high school, whereas I was the total non-runner, so it is kind of cool that I inspired her to get back out there and run. πŸ™‚

What are your non-scale victories today? It’s so important, especially if your weight loss is slowing down despite good “inputs” or in maintenance, to take notice of all of the little things that show how your hard work is paying off!


6 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday: NSVs & A break from tracking

  1. These are awesome NSVs! I switched from calories counting/tracking a while ago and I am so much happier. Not only am I making better choices, but it’s so much more mentally freeing. Life’s little victories πŸ™‚

  2. kelsurfs says:

    I hear you! Great post! I just started a new blog that you might like that focuses on healthy cooking. You can find it at insidekelskitchen.wordpress.com. I think you might like it. I try to make super yummy, healthy foods, so even the picky eaters will like it!

  3. mkadens1 says:

    You’re doing great! I’m glad the not snacking at night habit is setting in. That is huge!

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