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Weekly Wrap Up

on June 15, 2015

Today we’re on our way back from Indiana after a fun weekend visiting friends. O had a great time hanging with other kids all weekend. I really need to get him more play dates. He’s far more social than I am (although I do see hints of my own introversion at times too). It wasn’t all sunshine and roses (travel with kids never is) and I didn’t make my goal of 10-15 miles of running a week for the month, but overall it was a successful travel weekend. I let myself have more wine than I should have but otherwise made good food choices and just enjoyed a weekend of actually healthy balance. It was a relief not to be so obsessed and micro-managing about food. (Of course, who knows what the scale will say – I didn’t drink enough water and didn’t sleep enough so I’m sure I’m puffy)


Monday Sore legs from the Mission Possible 10K, so I stuck with push-ups (including 5 full out-not on the knees push ups! Definite NSV!!), planks and crunches.

Tuesday I strapped on the Garmin for the first time in ages and headed out for 3.5 miles. Taking my own advice about running in the heat, I made sure to walk a bit to warm up and after that finished the 3.5 miles at about 12:30 pace.Β  I also did planks and reverse crunches.

Bonus was that I even remembered to grab my water bottle!

Bonus was that I even remembered to grab my water bottle!

Wednesday 25-30 minute walk from my office to the library to return my book, which was hot and hilly but a nice little break in the day. More planks and crunches too!

Thursday I woke up early to run, but the Garmin never found me for some reason (I suspect the clouds? Or my impatience with letting it find a signal?) so the best I can do is estimate my distance. It was close to 3.5 miles, but maybe a little short since I deviated from the course a bit once the rain started in earnest:

The rain makes those miles count double anyway right?

The rain makes those miles count double anyway right?

I also did planks, bridges, crunches, push ups (including more full ones! Woo hoo!) and clamshells at bedtime.

Friday I spent most of Friday traveling, with a 6 am flight to Dallas and a flight from Dallas to Indianapolis at lunch time. That meant O and I had a ton of time to kill in Dallas. I got a day pass for the American Admiral’s Club to check it out given our 4 hour layover. While O watched cartoons in the Children’s Lounge, I did some work and then got the bright idea to mark Texas off my “running 50 states” list by jogging in the Children’s Lounge. I jogged up and down the little room for 10 minutes, pausing any time a grown up passed by the windows outside. I think that totally meets my definition of “half a mile of intentional running”, don’t you? I also did planks and V-ups (enjoying the variety of ab workouts in this week’s little challenge with the Lovely Ladies Losing It Group).

Saturday No running, but I did get in some core work and over 10,000 steps for the day between a visit to the zoo and a long walk along the canal to and from a different museum for lunch. I highly recommend wandering around Indianapolis if you’re visiting – the area around the zoo and Indiana State Museum is really nicely developed! I also ended up carrying O a fair amount towards the end of that long day, so my arms got quite the workout too! Huge NSV for me: I’m strong enough to lift my 40 pound kiddo from the ground and up over my head to ride on my shoulders! I haven’t been able to do that until the last month or so. Lots of little bits of strength training are paying off. πŸ™‚

A break in our sunny walk to play with the elephants (or mastadons if you want to be picky, which he didn't)

A break in our sunny walk to play with the elephants (or mastadons if you want to be picky, which he didn’t)

Saturday night did not go quite so smoothly. Oliver had trouble sleeping because his tummy hurt, which I think was a combination of being homesick and eating too many french fries at dinner. He ended up throwing up twice and we sleep on the floor outside the bathroom. I was worried it was a stomach bug because while it’s bad enough to have your own kid sick, I certainly didn’t want to get the other kids sick or get myself sick when we were so far away from home!

Sunday I woke up stiff and tired and worried about O, which pretty much put any thought of heading out to run out of my mind (although that was my original plan for the morning). I wanted to keep an eye on him to see if he had any lingering symptoms suggestive that this was a bug and didn’t want to dump a possibly sick kid on my friend just so I could go run. Thus, short of my running goal for the day but I did still get my ab work in and got some walking in as we went around the Children’s Museum. He seemed fine so I think it was more food and nerves than a virus, thankfully (otherwise, I promise I wouldn’t have taken him to the Children’s Museum!). I also did some yoga with all 3 kids to stretch our backs out.

My good deed this week was helping another mom at the airport. She had a teeny little infant strapped to her chest, so I helped her get her luggage off her back and onto the belt in security. It’s so hard to travel alone with a baby! I’m grateful my guy is old enough that traveling with him is a little easier and that we have been blessed with the kind of lifestyle where we can travel to keep up with friends all over the place. My NSV is definitely the long amount of time it took me to finish that Diet Dr Pepper when traveling that day. In the old days, I would have sucked that down in just a few minutes instead of sipping it over hours. I always drank a lot of diet soda, but WAY more than usual on travel days. The switch to water leaves me feeling so much better (after I get the caffeine I need early on anyway).

I’m firming up my training plan for the Des Moines Half Marathon, since that will start in just a few weeks (going to have a couple of weeks of light work due to my travel and Darrell’s travel, so I’ll start a little early). Just strapping the Garmin back on this week is getting me back in that training mindset, which is good. It’s amazing how pieces of gear have such strong associations, isn’t it?

What’s the piece of gear that says “time to get business” for you?

And more importantly, you guys agree I can now mark Texas off the list, right?

8 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up

  1. I certainly think your running in place in Texas counts. You go, girl. Also I’m glad O didn’t have stomach virus.

  2. I think miles in the humidity count as double too!!!

  3. someweighsomehow says:

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, and I look forward to your answers πŸ™‚


  4. I found your blog! (When you comment on mine, it links to a Blogger blog that’s not there.) Awesome week of activity and NSV! Noticing those little differences is so important. I LOVE my Garmin… I feel like if I run/walk without it, then it doesn’t count. I’m addicted to seeing all the numbers.

    • That’s weird to know about how I show up on your blog – I’ll see if I can figure that out! I confess that I missed my Garmin a little bit this month. πŸ™‚ It’ll be good to strap it back on and get to work in July!

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