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Weekly Wrap-Up: Wow did last week fly by!

on June 1, 2015

It seemed like I was just doing this post a day or so ago. Last week really flew by between a busy time at work and poor Darrell being sick with back to back bugs. Be sure to send him good healing vibes for the week! Even though I just did this, so it’s technically not LAST week’s gratitude thing, I have to say that today I am grateful that I got to return the walker and my guy is back to walking well without it! So glad that’s behind us! Of course, we have an ENT appointment with him tomorrow because he might need his tubes replaced but that’s a whole ‘nother thing. 🙂 This week’s good deed has got to be the countless lost souls (literally lost) that I found myself giving directions to this week. In particular, I kept getting on elevators with people who were totally flummoxed by the floors. By the end of the week, it felt like surely it must be some kind of hidden camera gag – that there couldn’t be confused people on every single elevator all week! I confess, it prompted me to take the stairs more often, not because I didn’t like helping but because I realized if I was encountering it so often, I was riding the elevator too often.

The doors open on both the front and back, which always confuses people.

The doors open on both the front and back, which always confuses people.

This week’s NSV has to be my realization that my body is changing in ways that suggest my weight being a little higher isn’t completely a bad thing. I’ve noticed these little hollows along the sides of my abdomen coming back and a hint of a waist. My pants are also tight not in the waist, but in my legs, which my husband tells me are definitely more muscled with the strength training I’ve done all spring. I’d still like to work on my diet and get my weight down a bit, but this was a good bit of healthy perspective that my body is doing some good things.

This week was fairly light on running, but my legs are enjoying the break after a tough spring of training.


Monday 5+ miles at the Boys Town Memorial Days runs (recap here) with Oliver, plus over a mile of walking that day to get to and from the race start from our parking spot. I also did 15 crunches and 15 bridges, because I was confused about which week I was in for the strength challenge and was doing abs, not lunges like I supposed to. Ah well, anything is good right?

Coming down the finish line all alone - what a tough guy!

Coming down the finish line all alone – what a tough guy!

Tuesday 30 minute walk, plus 17 crunches and 18 bridges

Wednesday An easy 30 minute run in the morning, Garmin-less again.

Thursday 20 minute walk, plus strength training with the kettle bell and lunges and push ups (don’t want to lose all of that push up progress I made last week!). I remembered on this day that the fitness challenge for the week was lunges, not abs, so I begrudgingly tackled the lunges. I hate lunges. I can squat all day long and running doesn’t bother my knees either, but lunges kill them!

Friday 30 minute walk, plus 45 lunges per leg

Saturday 30 minutes of yoga before bed, which was lovely. It’s been a while since I really dedicated a chunk of time to yoga and it felt great. I need to incorporate this more often this month, before my next training cycle starts.

Oliver demonstrated some toddler yoga in our booth at Village Inn Sunday morning.

Oliver demonstrated some toddler yoga in our booth at Village Inn Sunday morning.

Sunday 20 minutes of walking, plus strength training with the kettle bell, 50 lunges per leg and more push ups.

While I only ran a couple of times this week, I did great with sneaking in frequent small bouts of strength training. I also did a good job as the week went on with taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator. It’s crazy how my brain just “forgets” about the stairs option and takes the lazy way out!

This week, I’ll try to get out and run a little more often since my work schedule should be more amenable to it (assuming Darrell is feeling better!). I’ll also keep up the strength training so I get that habit firmly established prior to starting training for the Des Moines half marathon next month.

I know I usually share links on Friday, but I have to share this article about a 92 year old marathon finisher! Talk about a reminder of how little excuse I have to get out and run! Have a good week everyone!



6 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Wow did last week fly by!

  1. Great job getting so much strength training in! Lunges hurt my knees too so I do reverse instead of forward lunges. No pain with reverse for me.

  2. Great week of training! And yes, the 92 year old marathoner is so inspiring. That will be me, I hope…

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