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Friday Favorites: Gotta love a short week!

on May 29, 2015

These short work weeks always throw me off a bit. My brain hasn’t quite caught up to the fact that it is already Friday, but believe me I’m not going to complain about it! There’s something nice about Friday even when you’re working for the weekend (which I will be).

That little blue blob in the front of the dancing girls would be my kid. :)

That little blue blob in the front of the dancing girls would be my kid. šŸ™‚

My first favorite I’ve got to share is my favorite moment of the week. After O’s run (more on that here) at Boys Town this weekend, he and Darrell went into the gym to watch the dancing groups while I watched a friend’s daughter finish the one mile run. I came back to find them before I headed out for the 5 miler and they weren’t where I’d left them. Eventually I realized that the reason I couldn’t find them was because I was looking in the audience, not out on the dance floor! They apparently invited any kids who wanted to dance to come up and join the girls on the floor. O was definitely the most enthusiastic kiddo out there, trying to imitate the clogging moves the girls had been doing. It was hilarious! My favorite part was when some other women watching told me that “that little boy just got his cast off and already ran the race this morning – isn’t he cute” and I had to explain that he was mine. šŸ™‚ You just never know what kind of things will happen when you leave Dad in charge for 5 minutes.

I think because I’m spending this week thinking about what I want to do with my diet in order to really get to a happier place, I found myself tagging a lot of things to re-read this week that focused on keeping that mental balance. I read a couple of things I loved this week about framing things in a more positive light when it comes to our relationship with food, fitness and ourselves. I really appreciate that Laura incorporates a realistic look at positive language and the importance of mindset on overall health in all of her writing and have linked to her posts on this topic here before. This week, she wrote about using positive language to motivate change (here) and I absolutely agree that her rephrasing of that “A year from now you’ll wish you had started today” is more positive. I’ve always hated that quote because while I can see where it can be motivating for some people, really for me it reads like “great, one more thing to beat myself up about.” It’s important to think about what words really feel empowering for you or what words are triggering for you. We all bring our own perspective to things, so my “good” words may be different than yours. Recognizing those things about yourself will help you recognize why you feel out of whack sometimes after reading fitness magazines or Pinterest or Instagram or anywhere you run across these (like those annoying motivating gym posters!). Similarly, this post with comics reframing common fitspo images is interesting. As someone who has been contemplating that cycle of exercising to earn calories and how it might not be the most functional, I found the first one about the cookie particularly interesting! Of course, limiting it to just one cookie is the hard part. šŸ™‚

Taking a step back to look at the big picture, whether it is to keep a cookie in perspective or to react to a bad race or a bad weigh in or whatever else, is so crucial to finding that mental balance that is so helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Jennifer wrote a wonderful post over at Running on Lentils about appreciating the journey, when unexpectedly harsh weather left her with a goal race outcome that wasn’t what her stellar training cycle had set her up for. It is such a great read, especially if you’re struggling with the same issues. I know it was a great moment of perspective for me, coming out of the Lincoln Half Marathon where I didn’t meet my time goals for the day. One of the things I really love about the blog-o-sphere is that we get to hear from so many great, honest voices who are struggling with and triumphing over many of the same issues we all face. The breadth of experience and conversation that is out there is so helpful, for me at least, in feeling like the things I’m mentally wrangling with are common themes for so many of us. Just knowing we aren’t alone is so validating and hearing from lots of perspectives and strategies for dealing with these things can be really practically useful!

Any big plans for anyone? I hope all of you down South are staying safe and as dry as you can with all of the rain and flooding! We don’t have any big plans since I’m working, but sometimes weekends with nothing on the schedule are the best kind. šŸ™‚



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  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Thanks for sharing- I’m glad that post resonated with you! Have a great weekend!

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