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Friday Favorites: A couple of official race photos

on May 8, 2015

Happy Friday everybody! I’m excited because I realized that tomorrow morning I get to make my dining reservations for my trip to Disney for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. I love the reminder that my next Disney trip is only 6 months away (even if it does mean that I have to wake up early). I’ve got a nice mix of new places to try and old favorites on our list.

I like that in both of my pictures near the finish I'm running - great reminder of the strong mental finish on a hot day!

I like that in both of my pictures near the finish I’m running – great reminder of the strong mental finish on a hot day!

Did you guys hear about this? One of my fears, I admit, is falling off of the treadmill (not helped by my habit on reading while running!) but that comes more from a humiliation standpoint than worrying about life threatening injury. How awful for this family! PSA: Be sure to actually use the safety key, especially if you’re running somewhere without witnesses!

Lincoln Half Marathon Finish Line 2015

I have no recollection of a fist pump as I crossed that finish line, but I was certainly feeling it so I’m kind of entertained by this picture. πŸ™‚ What more evidence do I need of that strong finishing kick than a pic with the hem of my SparkleSkirt kicked up by my fierce stride?

Speaking of fears, I’m now a little worried about the granola bars currently in my car for emergency snacking. Did you guys see this story about the cocaine packet in the granola bar? Crazy! Thankfully, I don’t usually share these granola bars with O. Cocaine is a good justification for not sharing my snacks, right?

I love this post from Erika in this week’s Tuesdays on the Run link-up about the “Best Race Ever.” She is so right! Every day we get to go out and do something we love with a lot of other people who are crazy enough to feel the same way, it’s the best day ever.

I also love this post from Laura, who is doing a great job getting back into her fitness groove, about heading out to run in less than perfect conditions. That message applies to so many things in life – if we wait for the perfect time, we’ll never get anything done and there is so much to learn from the imperfect outings! That’s why I’ll be heading out to run tonight even though my legs I’m sure will feel like logs and it’s likely going to be raining. That’s okay – I still GET to go do it. πŸ™‚ That’s a good sign that you’ve found the right exercise for you, I think – you look forward to it even in less than ideal conditions. Similarly, check out Shelley’s post here about getting over that hump to get started. Accept that you’re worth it – you’re worth the effort to get out there and try even if you feel like you’re too heavy or too awkward or whatever. You’re worth investing your time and money into, I promise.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’m looking forward to doing a children’s Heart Walk for the American Heart Association with O tomorrow and not cooking at all on Sunday, part of my usual Mother’s Day celebration. πŸ™‚ I’ll be sure to update you on our Disney dining booking successes on Monday.


6 responses to “Friday Favorites: A couple of official race photos

  1. Meg B says:

    Those are awesome race pictures!

    • Thanks! The set up was weird – there were several different race photographers, so you had to go through each ones’ site to find yourself. Still, I’m glad to have a couple of good pics!

  2. mkadens1 says:

    Your race pics look great! Way to finish strong! That treadmill thing is so sad. What a freak accident.

  3. Enjoy your walk! And your race pictures were great!

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