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Friday Favorites: Already looking ahead to next week!

on May 1, 2015
Last week I tagged a lot of articles about tapering as I got ready for this weekend’s Lincoln Half Marathon. Now that I’m looking forward to the race in just 48 hours (yay!), I also get to think about recovering optimally. Have I mentioned that I’m also running the Papillion Half Marathon here in town on May 17th? That’s just two weeks from Lincoln and I’m running it just for fun, not for time (apparently hilly, plus some gravel) but I still want to make sure I recover  properly from this race so I’m ready for that one. Thankfully, this week I saw articles from both Active.com (Your Minute by Minute Guide to Recovery) and LiveWell Nebraska (The Lincoln Marathon is almost here – how to refuel after your race) on recovery. As I’ll be driving to the race by myself (Darrell & Oliver not coming thanks to the cast), I’ll have to be sure to refuel before I hop back in the car and bring plenty of water/Nuun with me for the ride home. I’ll be sure to factor those things into my packing list!

The other thing I found helpful was this post from Runners World on how to bridge the gap between races. My scenario isn’t exactly the one in that question, in that I will run the Lincoln race (knock on wood) but I can use that sort of maintenance plan between races (adjusted for it being a half marathon, not a full of course). My plan is take the week after the race lightly, with a little cross training but not much else and try for a 5-6 mile run on Mother’s Day to shake things out (because Mother’s Day is on my list of “must run” days now apparently). The week before the Papillion half marathon, I’ll do a couple of 2-3 mile runs and a little mini-speed session like I did this week to keep things loose.

I'm also going to have to find time to see the new Avengers movie during this little break between races because Thor emailed me about it, after all :)

I’m also going to have to find time to see the new Avengers movie during this little break between races because Thor emailed me about it, after all 🙂

My other bit of running reading this week was this post from Runners World on avoiding race day mistakes. I’ve read this before but it’s still a good reminder – trust my training. Visualize a great race day. 🙂 I also have to highlight two of my favorite Boston marathon recaps – Pam over at We Run Disney, who had such a gutsy race after a bout of food poisoning and Bethany at Another Mother Runner, who wrote a recap I could read over and over but was even more fun to listen to on the podcast recap. Definitely check those out for a dose of inspiration!

Two non-fitness things I would totally recommend checking out to start your weekend with a smile:
15 Fun Facts about Disney’s Animal Kingdom: I really love the bit about the elephant choosing the plants! I’m also entertained by how expensive Expedition Everest was, given that the poor Yeti doesn’t work. It’s still my favorite roller coaster at Disney 🙂
What Plus Size Clothes Actually Look Like on Plus Size Women: I love the model faces and the commentary from these two real plus size women who are trying on plus size clothes. (I think the bit about the outfit at the superhero sale is my favorite). The struggle is real – it was always so  hard to find plus size clothes that fit reasonably well! That’s true with mainstream sizing as well, with the variability from store to store and even within the store (seriously bought an XS skirt and L top at H&M a while back), but with mainstream stores at least you have the opportunity to try it on before you buy it. It’s even more frustrating at larger sizes.
In addition to that little half marathon thing I’m doing we’ll be working on some clean up in the garden so that we’re ready to put plants in the ground in the next week or so (because you aren’t clear of a freeze in Nebraska until Mother’s Day most years, unfortunately). Whatever your plans are this weekend, I hope you have an absolutely glorious time!



4 responses to “Friday Favorites: Already looking ahead to next week!

  1. I’ll be sending you all of my positive vibes this weekend!

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