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Tuesdays on the Run: Warm weather running gear

on April 28, 2015

This week’s Tuesdays on the Run topic is warm weather running gear, which is pretty perfect as I’m planning my packing list and race day gear for the Lincoln Half Marathon this weekend. The weather forecast means a warmer race than I was expecting:

I should be done before it gets up to the 80s, right?

I should be done before it gets up to the 80s, right?

That means I need to think about wearing fewer layers than I have been for lots of my runs. Thus, as usual, perfect timing in a Tuesdays on the Run topic. Thanks as always to April, Patti and Erika for hosting! Be sure to check out everyone else in the link-up!


In Nebraska, warm weather is not really a given this time of year and the temperatures can fluctuate a lot so until June-July, I really have to keep a lot of layers on hand like arm sleeves, light jackets and shrugs. For this weekend’s race, we’re going to trust that the forecast holds true and I need to prepare for warm weather. I’m planning on wearing a short sleeved tech tee and my SkirtSports capris.

I'm not sure I'll go with this shirt, although I do love the color. Picking an outfit is less exciting when it isn't a Disney race.

I’m not sure I’ll go with this shirt (Another Medaling Runner), although I do love the color. Picking an outfit is less exciting when it isn’t a Disney race.

I’m going with capris over my usual SparkleSkirts because if we’re being totally honest here, the 5-10 pounds I’m up in the last 9ish months has resulted in chafing on a few runs when I’ve tried to wear them lately. SparkleSkirts are normally chafe-proof but since they’re getting a little small I have issues now. It makes me sad because I adore my SparkleSkirts and their fantastic pockets. With the capri length of the SkirtSports bottoms, I don’t have the awkward chub rub and they at least have two pockets on the side legs, so that’s something. I like having the side pockets for Gus and for my phone. I’ll also be carrying my car keys in the pocket attached to my water bottle.

Other warm weather must haves that I’ll have with me this weekend:

Sweaty bands to control my wild and crazy hair: I am a super sweaty person, so these are very helpful for soaking up the sweat and keeping it out of my eyes!

BodyGlide to keep all of that sweat from resulting in chafing: Long runs are a great time to learn where you need to be liberal with the BodyGlide to avoid chafing. I’ve been having trouble with chafing over my shoulder from the sports bra lately so I need to be sure I’m generous with the BodyGlide Sunday morning.

Sunglasses or a visor: Protect your eyes from the UV rays and be sure that your vision doesn’t get thrown off by the sun glare by wearing sunglasses or a visor or hat. I’m not really a hat girl given how hot my head gets and will likely be going with sunglasses rather than a visor Sunday unless they increase the rain chance.

Sunscreen: As a dark skinned person, I rarely burn and can therefore get really lax about sunscreen. It’s important even for those of us who don’t burn to protect our skin from cancers and wrinkles. I’m not ashamed to admit that at 36, I’m vain enough to be concerned about wrinkles more than anything else. 🙂 Wrong, but true. Whatever it takes to get me to wear sunscreen, right?

Electrolyte replacement: When the weather gets warmer, I sweat buckets and if I’m not careful about my electrolytes, I end up dizzy and with horrible headaches after long runs. I like Nuun because it doesn’t upset my stomach as much as Gatorade or Powerade do on the run (although those are okay afterwards). I’ll be drinking Nuun in my water for a couple of days before the race in addition to having it with me in my handheld bottle on the course and in my water bottle in the car for the drive home.

Some of the Nuun flavors even include caffeine, which is a nice little boost. :)

Some of the Nuun flavors even include caffeine, which is a nice little boost. 🙂

What are your summer running gear must-haves?


9 responses to “Tuesdays on the Run: Warm weather running gear

  1. I love sweaty bands. Recently I have also started using bondI bands. I like that they are thicker so they can go over your ears when it’s windy out.

  2. gabbysews says:

    I have to admit I’m a little worried about the warmer weather. I’m a new runner so up to this point I’ve been wearing cold weather gear. Thanks for these tips!

    • Just remember that you’ll heat up as you go along, so underdress a little. I always screw and dress for the temperature it feels like before I start running and then feel like I’m melting 10 minutes in when I warm up.

  3. d20girl says:

    During the winter here in Florida, I like to have the option of layers too, especially for race day because you never know if it will be 35 or 70! Of course in the summer, you can guarantee it’s going to be hot, so I can just plan on wearing a tank or singlet! Thanks for linking up!

    • I can’t imagine running in summer in Florida! I’d melt into a puddle for sure. I suspect that’s why I didn’t start running until I left the South. 🙂

      On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 5:12 AM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


  4. […] was aware of this and factored it in to my packing list and race day gear plan like we talked about Tuesday. Still, I’m being a good girl and have already started hydrating with water and a little Nuun […]

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