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Friday Favorites: So glad it’s Friday!

on April 17, 2015

This has been a super busy week and I’m glad it is finally Friday. I’ll work this weekend too but somehow  I’m still always glad when Friday gets here. I’m particularly proud of getting all of my assigned workouts for the week done even with a couple  of days where I’ve worked 11  hours or more. Thankfully ye olde Internet has kept me entertained while I’ve been waiting for people to call me back or waiting on the elevator. What did we do to entertain ourselves before smart phones?

I don't show many pics of O's face to protect his privacy, but I had to share this baby face. Wow he's changed! I can't believe it's already been 3 years.

I don’t show many pics of O’s face to protect his privacy, but I had to share this baby face. Wow he’s changed! I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years.

Maybe because of my busy work week, most of the things that have made me smile this week have nothing to do with health or fitness or running but we’ll start with one of the things that is running and fitness-related: Dimity’s post on patience here on Another Mother Runner. While she is talking a lot about patience in the setting of injury,  the idea of taking time to be grateful for all we do have rather than dwelling with frustration and impatience on those things we cannot control is key in so many settings. Patience as a mother, patience with myself, patience with traffic, patience with scale-none of these are my strengths. Practicing active gratitude may help me deal with those issues.

Other things making me smile:

-Pam’s fantastic letter to her sister as they approach the Boston Marathon had me grinning from ear to ear. So excited for them and can’t wait to hear how it goes!

– SparkPeople’s article on making more “me” time: The first point, deciding you deserve it, is so key. We’ve got to believe that it is okay to “put your own mask on first.”

– If you want to take advantage of the gorgeous spring weather to start running, check out Greg’s post on Advice for a Beginning Runner.

– As Emmie re-enters the dating world, she’s written some interesting thoughts on how body image can wreak havoc on the already stressful world that is dating. Her point about reassuring herself that any guy who has a problem with her weight is not worth it anyway is something I told myself over and over when I started eHarmony 9 years ago. I ended up meeting my husband who thought I was gorgeous and sexy and fantastic. Even though I told myself that the right person, the person who saw me that way, was out there and was worth waiting for, I was surprised and relieved to find him. 🙂 I’m glad knowing I wasn’t the only one who had to have those conversations with myself and had those worries. I wish Emmie lots of great experiences as she wades back into the dating pool!

– Speaking of body image, I love Kelly Clarkson’s responses to the never ending stream of comments about her body that she gets. I love her voice and love her attitude!

– Last, but not least, as a well known klutz, I can empathize with everything on this list on Hello Giggles. Glad to know I’m not the only with  a well justified fear of making sharp turns!

I hope everyone has a great Friday! Anyone else counting hours until it is officially the weekend?


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