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Friday Favorites & Thanks

on April 10, 2015

First and foremost this Friday, I want to thank all of you for your kind comments this week about my guy’s accident and your good wishes for him and us as we adjust! We’re all getting used to it and he doesn’t seem to be having any pain, so we are very fortunate and I’m fortunate to have such a great virtual community sending us good vibes!


Second: Check out my deck yesterday! Gotta love spring in Nebraska.

Some weeks there is a theme to the articles I find myself flagging for future reference and some weeks they’re totally random – this is one of those random weeks. It’s probably because of my scattered attention thanks to tiredness. šŸ™‚ While the physical shaking-fatigue from the first four days of bad sleep after O’s accident have faded, the hungries and the fuzzy brain have not despite two decent nights of sleep in a row for all of us. Apologies in advance for the scattered nature of things that caught my eye this week.

I heard about an interesting new research article this week on the benefits of exercise and was really glad to see the great blog Runners Health cover it this week. I was hoping they would! This blog is a great resource for breaking science down into understandable terms. This study showed that even for healthy, young people, exercise has benefits which is great. I kind of like knowing that there’s an even playing field – I don’t need to exercise because I have a history of obesity, high blood pressure and insulin resistance. I need to exercise because it’s good for all human beings. šŸ™‚

Meranda posted an interesting blog on the idea of “easy” runs this week that had me thinking a lot about the words we use when we talk about our running (or really, about ourselves in general). I tend to use “easy” to describe the runs I do without a goal pace, because that’s how my training plan describes them, but it’s definitely a bit misleading because running is rarely, if ever, easy for me. Today’s 2-3 “easy” miles are going to suck because my legs are sore and my brain is fuzzy, but I won’t worry about the pace and will just let things shake out for tomorrow’s long run.Ā  I’m okay with that for the most part, because that just means I get more satisfaction out of the hard work right? (Well, I tell myself that anyway) I feel the same way when people describe their runs as slow because it never fails, their “slow” is likely a speed I don’t even reach in brief speed work intervals! Words definitely have power, but a lot of that power comes from our own filters and our own experiences. What running words seem to rub you the wrong way? I really liked the conversation in the comments of that post because the running community can be so supportive and open to discussing these things.

Speaking of open and supportive, poor Bari had the opposite of an open and supportive experience this week with an online “coaching” group. Her post goes into all of the details here, but I’m really irritated on her behalf and really on the behalf of everyone who tries, makes the best choices they can and are told that they’re failing because it isn’t perfect. A) No one knows what perfect is in terms of diet and exercise because we’re all individuals, so just because I don’t always adhere to someone else’s plan doesn’t mean I’ve failed and B) If you set the expectation of “perfect” you aren’t going to do anyone any good because we’re human beings; we aren’t always perfect. If you’re teaching people as a “coach” that only perfection is acceptable, you are in no way setting them up for long term success. Grrrrr. Good for you Bari for calling them out on it! Maybe it will warn others away from programs like that. This is something we have to do every day. It won’t always be picture perfect, but as long as it is the best we can do it that moment, it’s a win.

I am happy to report that there is a gorgeous day outside my window, so all of that weird April snow should be gone in time for tomorrow’s 11-13 mile run (only two more long runs left!). I hope you get to get outside and enjoy your weekend too!

Happy Friday everyone!

7 responses to “Friday Favorites & Thanks

  1. I read that post about “easy” runs…to me easy doesn’t mean slow, it means a run that feels effortless, pleasant…and we all have them. We just need to recognize it and appreciate it! Usually, all it take is a couple hard runs to bring it all back to center..

    Glad your guy is ok.

  2. A perfect diet does not make a successful diet.
    Being able to live your life with it makes a food plan successful. Diets can bring short term success, but they usually result in weight gain after the diet. I lost over 75 pounds without dieting.

  3. mkadens1 says:

    I was amazed by the various interpretations of what an “easy” run is. To me it just means I’m not aiming for a goal pace. Sometimes, “easy” runs don’t really feel that way at all. It would never occur to me to feel envious when people have “easy” runs but I guess my definition of them is different.

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