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Weekly Wrap Up: Pain free!

on March 23, 2015

This week, I took it easy on the weekday workouts to let my sore ankle settle down and I’m happy to say it worked! Between the walking rather than running and the every other day calf exercises, the pain at rest went away completely and I was even able to run my long run Saturday with no problems. I’ll keep up the post-workout calf stretches and every other day calf exercises just to keep things in good shape. As a bonus to the calf exercises, I’ve noticed my balance (which is horrible!) has gotten a lot better, at least as evidenced by ability to hold a tree pose while waiting for my tea to brew last night. 🙂


Monday 2-3 miles of running on the schedule, for which I subbed 2.2 miles of walking in 38 minutes. It was a hilly lunchtime walk around campus and my ankle didn’t even bother me on the hill, which was a very good sign.


Tuesday 3-5 miles on the schedule, for which I subbed a nice 4 mile walk outside at 18:35 pace. Since I started running, my walking has definitely picked up the pace too. I had to force myself to keep walking and not run, as I was in my neighborhood and tempted by old patterns. I focused on the emerging sights of spring and the joy of thinking “wow, I’m a person who now has to hold themselves back from running!”. 🙂

Wednesday Cross-training on the schedule, which is usually walking. I decided on a 20 minute walk just because I was too tired to think of a more interesting option.

Thursday 60 minutes of walking, which we’re going to assume was 3+ miles given my usual speed (no tracking on), plus body weight strength exercises.

Friday This called for 2-3 miles of easy running or cross training. Since I was going to try to run for the first time early Saturday and honestly, since I was out of time, I decided that a quick mile in the park was good enough for a Friday afternoon. It was better than nothing, right? What you can, when you can (#wycwyc) I also did some foam rolling Friday night to get ready for running again Saturday morning.

I do love this little pond. It's right across the street from daycare, so it's a great place to stop to get a quick bit of movement in.

I do love this little pond. It’s right across the street from daycare, so it’s a great place to stop to get a quick bit of movement in.

Saturday 9-10 miles on the schedule and I was definitely feeling ready to run again. I had plans to run a really hilly 5K (Diva Dash) at 8 am, so I woke up at 5:30ish to get in 5-6 miles before I headed into town. I got 5.62 miles in, which wasn’t quite 6 miles but we’ll call it close enough. It was a nice easy pace and without consciously trying, my last mile was my fastest (sub 12 pace). I then headed out to the 5K (full recap Tuesday) which I ran in 34:21. Considering the hills (super steep, so I made sure to walk part of each one to protect my ankle a bit) and the fact that I’d already put in 5+ miles that morning, I’m totally satisfied with that time. I ended up with 8.74 miles, which is close enough to 9 miles, right? My ankle didn’t hurt at all during the run or afterwards, so I think things are good! I also did some strength training with weights Saturday afternoon to get my second strength session in for the week.

Sunday I snuck in some yoga stretches and poses throughout the day, but otherwise tried to respect the rest day. It was honestly tough because O was ornery this weekend and I really needed a run to clear my head. At least I’ve progressed to the point where I was craving a run, not food when I was tense right?

This week, I’m grateful that my child is generally so well behaved that these minor bouts of ornery-ness are about as bad as he gets. I know we’re lucky that what most people would consider normal 3 year old-ness is actually on the naughty end of his spectrum, in terms of defiance and asserting  his independence. 🙂 I feel like I’ve noticed so many NSVs this week, from not diving into food when I was feeling impatient with O (and then feeling like a bad mom for being so impatient), to noticing when I was with O at the dentist that he and I together weigh less on the dentist’s chair than I weighed alone a couple of years ago.

He was such a rock star in the dentists chair!

He was such a rock star in the dentists chair!

My good deed for the week has been rechecking and restocking our tornado supplies. ‘Tis the season! If you live in a tornado prone area, be sure to check out the Red Cross or Ready.gov for the supplies you need to have in case of an emergency.

I think I’m ready to go back to running like normal this week. I’ll see how things feel after today’s easy 3 miler to decide if I’m going to do my hill workout on Tuesday or wait a couple of more days and do it Thursday. I can’t quite believe it is only a little over a month until my next half marathon. It’s time to start getting a little more serious about my long runs as practice for race day. I have 3 10+ mile runs left in the training plan (with one cut back week and then a taper). I’ll want to maximize those and practice my pacing and fueling.

Here’s hoping you guys all have a great week!


4 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: Pain free!

  1. Kristin says:

    I wish you an extremely successful running week!! I’m happy you feel like things are getting back to normal!! Awesome! XOXO

  2. That is good news that you are pain free! I can’t wait till I can run with out pain. It will be so Free-ing! I do not live in a tornado area so I bet that is pretty scary!

    • Tornadoes freak me out a bit because they come out of nowhere! At least with the hurricanes when I was in Louisiana and North Carolina, you had advance to prepare. The unpredictability of tornadoes is a little terrifying.

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