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Friday Favorites, including an unflattering race photo that I still love a little bit :)

on March 13, 2015

Happy Friday guys!  I am always glad for Friday to arrive, but somehow particularly so this week. It probably has something to do with the painful experience of waking up every day this week post-time change. It’s definitely affecting me more than I ever remember it doing before!

Stellar right? At least I know I was working to run up that grassy hill!

Stellar right? At least I know I was working to run up that grassy hill!

Somehow I forgot to include my official race photo with yesterday’s recap of the Leprechaun Chase 10K. Isn’t it lovely? 🙂 I do like that they offered us all race photos for free and even a link to your finish in the YouTube video. Wow does my belly bounce when I run! Like I mentioned yesterday, one of the best lessons I had from that race was how helpful positive self talk can be for mental toughness. In one of those weird cosmic coincidences, that was also the topic of a SparkPeople article I got emailed this week (Positive Self Talk Leads to Success). I was particularly intrigued by the study the article mentions, in which women had less of a mood boost if they read a fitness magazine while exercising that if they read a general lifestyle magazine or nothing at all. I don’t consciously judge myself negatively in comparison with the people in those magazines, but we may do more negative self-talk unconsciously than we realize. That’s all the more reason to actively practice positive self talk in our workouts and in our daily lives, right?

Tomorrow, I’ll be joining in with the inaugural round of book reviews for the Taking the Long Way Home Running Book Club. Quite a mouthful, right? For a book lover and runner like me, it was an intriguing idea and even better, I’d already read the first book (Honey, Do You Need a Ride). I’ll post my review tomorrow, but I thought I’d link to the interview with the author that Wendy posted this week (here) if you wanted to check it out for more info. I’ve already added the books the author mentions to my Goodreads “to read” list. I looked at my Goodreads list today and realized there really are a lot of books I’ve dropped in the middle. I should work on finishing up some of those! Look me up on Goodreads (my profile is here) if you want to see what I’m reading and share your recommendations!

If you need a good laugh heading into the weekend, I highly recommend this recent post from Martini Friday over at Another Mother Runner in which Adrienne bemoans the ordeal of buying pants as a runner. I totally and completely feel her pain! I have a couple of pairs of pants that may never fit my runner legs and I should just admit that.

Now I’m heading off to daycare to pick up my guy, who is apparently not feeling well. Hopefully some mommy cuddles will help him get back on his feet. It means I’ll have a little helper for today’s planned grocery store run. Maybe I’ll give him this recent food swap list from Runner’s World to help keep us on track. Check it out if you’re looking for some minor tweaks to make in your daily diet.

Everybody have a good weekend!



2 responses to “Friday Favorites, including an unflattering race photo that I still love a little bit :)

  1. Kristin says:

    What an absolutely amazing picture!! You look fabulous!!! So beautiful!! XOXO

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