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Weekly WrapUp: A little off plan, but a GREAT week

on March 9, 2015

I technically strayed from the plan in a couple of places this week, but it ended on a such a good note I’m okay with that. Plus, I’m looking at a week where the weather gives me NO excuse for avoiding a run. It’s going to be warm and thanks to daylight savings, light late enough to run after work if I need to. I get extra credit for any runs I get up early for in the first few days after the time change, right?


Monday I intended to head out to run late but didn’t thanks to serious belly cramps. Thankfully, this was the “bail if needed” workout on the plan.

Tuesday I left work a little late, but still managed to hit the high points of my planned speed work. 5 minutes warm up jog, 6 – 1 minute intervals with 1 minute recovery and 5 minutes of cool down. It was sort of fun because I was on the treadmill next to Darrell on the elliptical. 🙂 It felt a little like running together. The first interval was at 8 mph and I nearly fell off! After that I checked my ego and worked up from 6.7 to 6.9 mph, which felt like a much more appropriate challenge. My goal for this week is to a) start at 6.9 and work up and b) actually do the whole workout with the 10 minute warm up and cool down without cutting it short like I’ve had to for the last couple of weeks!

I was glad the treadmill right next to him was open. :) We never get to work out together!

I was glad the treadmill right next to him was open. 🙂 We never get to work out together!

Wednesday Cross-training, with a 30 minute walk

Thursday This was the craziest, bada$$ mother runner workout day! I couldn’t get out of work as early as I wanted, so I got in 3.7 miles of my planned 5-6 miles on the treadmill (45 minutes). Then I went to get O and did the whole dinner/bedtime routine with him. My husband was out for the night and I don’t have a treadmill, so I ran laps in my living room for 24 minutes. I figure that counts for close to 2 miles, right? A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta to get those miles in!

Friday Cross training or an easy 2-3 miles on the training plan. Since I’d skipped Monday’s run, I headed out for an easy couple of miles late Friday night. I got 2.15 miles in and was pleasantly surprised by how warm it was outside! Spring really is starting to peak its head out.

Saturday 8-9 miles on the training plan and I was registered for a 10K Saturday afternoon. I originally intended to run a couple of miles in the morning and then the 10K in the afternoon, but Darrell is sick so I ended up taking O out of the house for a  while to let Darrell get some extra sleep. I shifted the plan to running those two miles after the 10K, but thanks to my AWESOME effort at the 10K (and my achy knees from navigating the terrain on the 10K) I decided to skip those extra miles. I’ll just switch this week’s Saturday run, the 8-9 miles, with next week’s, which was supposed to be a 10K anyway. All around it seems like a better plan. I’ll have a full recap of the Leprechaun Chase 10K later this week!

Any race that finishes with green beer is a winner, right?

Any race that finishes with green beer is a winner, right?

Sunday Definitely a very active rest day! We went to the zoo and the botanical gardens, plus my one and only strength training session of the week (but at least I used the kettlebell!). I also did some yoga after we got O to bed because my legs felt achy after Saturday’s race.

This week felt good overall. My NSV is noticing how much easier my ring (Oliver’s birthstone) is slipping on this week than it has the last few weeks.

This ring had been getting snug!

This ring had been getting snug!

My good deed was going to O’s school to read for Read Across America Day. It was a hoot to share his favorite story with his classmates!

Super cute book!

Super cute book! Peanut Butter and Cupcake, in which Peanut Butter wanders from food to food looking for his perfect friend.

I’m grateful this week that I could tweak my schedule to get to O’s school for this. It was so fun to see him so excited and proud to show off his mama. It was also fun to see the kids interact and the classroom dynamics. One of O’s little buddies spent the entire time his mom was reading (she’d also come out to read) with his head on the carpet and hands over his ears. 🙂 You never know how a 3 year old will behave!

I hope everyone has a great week!



4 responses to “Weekly WrapUp: A little off plan, but a GREAT week

  1. Wonderful week indeed! I’ve been wearing my wedding ring on my middle finger for over a year now! That is a great NSV!

  2. Kristin says:

    I hope you have a fantastic week and great recap!! You are such a beautiful woman. I love your gratitude. Also, fabulous workouts!! I love how you push yourself!! You’re amazing! XOXO

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