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Friday Favorites: Spring is here!

on March 6, 2015

At least for the moment, Spring is peeking its head out here in Nebraska today. We’ll get up to 50 degrees every day for the next week and it’s sunny and gorgeous! My tulips might even poke their little leaves out in a week or two. I have a race to run tomorrow, so I’m especially appreciative of the weather after lots of chilly runs lately!

Given how smiley I’m feeling about the weather, this post from Road to 100 is just perfect for my mood about running this weekend. It’s amazing how much a smile can change our own mindsets and that of those around of us, so I’m definitely planning to incorporate this advice and smile with my runs this weekend. 🙂

I read a couple of really fantastically motivating posts this week as well that I thought I’d share. The first is over at Runs for Cookies, where Katie has assembled advice from a bunch of people who’ve lost 100 pounds and maintained it. I know when I was looking at losing such a large amount of weight, I was desperate to know that others had done it and succeeded and that information was really hard to find. I’m grateful to Katie for assembling this, so that those of us who are on the other side of that kind of weight loss can motivate and inspire others who are overwhelmed at the enormity of it all like I was back then. Even now, I get much needed inspiration and motivation from reading these stories.

The second is this post from Storyline Blog called “You’re Never Going to be Ready“. It’s true – in life, you’re rarely really ready for the big things. There is no perfect time to have kids or switch jobs or start to make changes for a healthier lifestyle. Eventually you have to say it’s time and take that plunge. When I think back on the times I put off doing something about my health or the times I put off doing things until I lost weight, I’m frustrated at those missed opportunities. Sometimes there isn’t a perfect time. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

With 8 weeks to go until the Lincoln Half Marathon, I’ve done a lot of thinking about the idea of “You’re Never Going to be Ready” because I know that there will be a part of my mind that starts to balk at really chasing a time goal when I get closer. I’ll make excuses and let myself off the hook because really trying means I might fail. It’s a whole lot easier to not put forth the real, scary effort than it is to risk failure. There is a fantastic post on LifeLessBullshit about being brave that you should definitely check out. “Bravery is what happens when you try” is going to my mantra for the rest of this training cycle and for the race. I will not let myself off the hook this time. Good, bad or ugly, I’m at least going to try.

Great tip just for walking around - stellar for running!

A superhero would be brave and try, right?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We’ll be out running and riding bikes and going to the zoo and soaking up all of this sunshine while we have it. I hope you get a little sunshine too!




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