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“Running makes mommy happy”

on February 24, 2015
It isn’t amazing how the littlest words from the littlest mouths can make you pause? This weekend, I got home late from work trip in Memphis and waffled a bit about going out to run on Sunday. After being out of town for several days, it always feels a little selfish to head out for an hour alone. I got dressed and we were all cuddling in bed watching cartoons while I continued to procrastinate. Oliver piped up and told me I should go run. I teased him about just wanting me out of the house so he could convince Daddy to watch TV instead of taking a nap and he got the sweetest, most serious look on his face and told me “No, mommy, you go run because it makes you happy”.
These are possibly my favorite race photos ever!

These are possibly my favorite race photos ever!

My heart just melted because a) I really do have the sweetest kid and b) I am so gratified that this is the example I’m setting for him. Lest you think I’m being swayed by a manipulator who just wants to watch TV, I was amazed to realize that the look on his face when he was telling to run to because it makes me happy is the same look he gets when he draws me a picture or picks me a flower or gives his teacher a hug. My kid likes making people happy, which I adore about him.

Picking birthday cards for Baby Jesus at Christmas - his idea and I nearly died at the cuteness of it all!

Picking birthday cards for Baby Jesus at Christmas – his idea and I nearly died at the cuteness of it all!

I’m struggling to find the words to describe how it makes me feel to know that he recognizes that running makes me happy. It’s an odd sort of pride in myself, which feels weird, but I’m proud that I’m showing him

– Mommy’s can take time for themselves and that’s a good thing
– Mommy’s can take care of their bodies and that’s a good thing
– Exercise like running is something that is fun and makes people happy, not a chore to dread.
I’m also sort of proud of myself that I’m now a person that is projecting these things to these little watchful eyes. Our kids learn so much about the world by watching our own interactions with it, as much or more than they learn from the things we say directly to them. It’s so easy to let our negative self talk trickle down to our kids and influence the way they view vegetables or exercise or their own bodies. It feels like a victory to know that at least for now, I’m doing pretty well with this particular part of parenting.

This week’s Tuesdays on the Run topic is motivation and Oliver continues to be one of my biggest motivations to run. It’s funny that I was going to write about this encounter even before I saw the TotR topic, so cosmically things timed out perfectly. The world knew I needed to be reminded of why we do the things we do to take care of ourselves. You have to do it for yourself, but I can’t deny that those cute little eyes watching me are big part of the motivation too.

My favorite thing to see at the finish line!

My favorite thing to see at the finish line!

What motivates you to move?

Be sure to check out April, Patty & Erika for the Tuesdays on the Run link-up and join the conversation! Thanks as always for hosting ladies!

9 responses to ““Running makes mommy happy”

  1. Seriously that made me tear up just a bit. Oliver is awesome and so are you!

  2. A www, that’s adorable! One day as we were all headed out the door, the kids said they go to school, daddy goes to work, and mommy goes to the gym! I was oddly proud as well. Oliver sounds like a smart guy! 🙂

  3. CARLA says:

    same same same.
    MY GIRL.

  4. Momshomerun says:

    My motivation is knowing that it’s good for me. And that I’ll feel better and healthier after a run.

  5. […] think my personal favorite post this year, beyond these, was “Running makes mommy happy” because re-reading it still gives me all the feels. Man do I love that kid and I love that […]

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