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Weekly Wrap Up: At least I got the long run in?

on February 16, 2015

It’s always a harsh re-entry into the real world after vacation, isn’t it? Last week was less than stellar on the workout or “healthy relationship with food” front. From a food perspective, I absolutely got back on track with tracking my food and making healthy choices. The problem is that almost every day I felt like I was “on a diet.” I know it’s just a period of readjustment to the eating style I’d gotten used to after indulging so much on the cruise and it will pass but it stinks. I could not have stuck with this for so long if I felt like this all the time. There’s this constant little voice in my head of “just a little won’t hurt” left over from vacation eating. Ignoring it will quiet it back down over the next week or two, I know. I’m treating myself to my favorite healthy foods to make it a little easier to get back to my normal eating, which definitely helps.

Darrell is a much better ravioli maker than I am!

Darrell is a much better ravioli maker than I am!

We had a great time having a healthy Valentine’s day dinner, making homemade ravioli with healthy fillings. Darrell is much better at it than I am – much more patient with the filling and the wontons we were using as ravioli wrappers. We also made a light chocolate fondue from Spark People for dessert that was delicious!




Monday With a 7 am meeting and not arriving home until after 10 pm Sunday, there was no getting out early to run Monday morning. The training plan called for an easy 3 miles but instead I went with a 20 minute walk and strength training. Better than nothing right?

Tuesday Overslept (common theme this week) and skipped the easy 5-6 miles on the schedule.

Wednesday Cross-training on the schedule, but I hoped to make up for Tuesday’s missed run and headed out early. I came back in after 2.5 miles because I wasn’t dressed nearly warmly enough for the cold and wind chill!

Very different from my views on vacation!

Very different from my views on vacation!

Thursday Speed work on the schedule, that got cut a little short because I worked late. There was a 10 minute warm up on the schedule that I cut to 5, but then I did 4 intervals (3 at 7 mph, 4th at 7.5 mph) with 1 minute recovery (not the 2 minutes on the schedule) and a 5 minute cool down. I’m proud of myself for getting it done!

Friday I was tempted to tackle the 5-6 mile run but knew that would be a bad idea with a speed work Thursday and a long run Saturday. Of course, the “nothing” I did wasn’t great either – I should have done some cross training or at least strength training as a happy medium.

Saturday I planned to run my long run (7-8 miles) while O napped and instead passed out myself in the living room! I guess my body needed rest.

This cozy chair in front of the fireplace just sucked me in.

This cozy chair in front of the fireplace just sucked me in.

Sunday I absolutely had to get the long run done for the week so it wasn’t a total waste, so I hit the treadmill at the gym. It was windy and below 10 all day, so I was stuck on the treadmill and it was miserable. Every time I wanted to quit I reminded myself that was really cold outside. I’m glad to say I finished 8 miles and that the miles got progressively faster as I went along (overall pace 12:30 but I was between 11:30-12 for the last 5 miles). Wow was I sore afterwards! There’s something different about my form on the treadmill that always leaves me achy after long runs.

For this week, I’ll adjust the schedule a bit so I don’t run today and cross train instead, just to avoid tweaking my sore legs. I’m home today with Oliver for a teacher inservice day, so let’s hope that the cross training looks like something other than just kid wrangling and putting away laundry!

My NSV for the week is definitely hitting the gym on Thursday with a modified workout, rather than skipping yet another run. I’m grateful for a) stretchy clothes, given my serious weight gain over the last month with Disneyland and a cruise and b) winning this awesome new book from Laura over at MommyRunFast. It was on my Amazon Wish List so it was great to win it. 🙂

I'll post a review when I get through it!

I’ll post a review when I get through it!

My good deed this week was donating to a send a friend’s kid to medical school “camp” essentially. This spring, I want to start involving Oliver in our family good deeds and talking to him about what kind of things we want to donate to and help with in our community. We’ve got such a blessed life and I want to be sure we teach him early how important it is to help those who aren’t so lucky.

Here’s hoping you guys all had a good week! And that I do a better job sticking to the training plan this week. 🙂

2 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: At least I got the long run in?

  1. Its sooo tough getting back into the swing of things! Hopefully everything will fall into place this week for you!

    • I’m on the road again this week for work, which can sometimes be easier and sometimes harder. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll be in Memphis, so the food will be tempting!

      On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 1:02 PM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


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