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Weekly Wrap-Up: Tapering and hitting some mini-goals

on January 11, 2015

To help keep my monthly goals on track, I’ve been writing them at the top of each week on my planner so I see them several times a day (yes, I keep a paper planner even though I have digital calendars – I’m just a pen and paper girl). I think that has really helped this week, in terms of keeping on track with my monthly and yearly goals. In focusing on the quality of my food, this month I decided to work on drinking more water and less soda and more importantly, tracking that water intake to keep myself honest. I totally rocked that goal this week – something about having to actually click off 8 glasses of water helped me get them in and it terms out, just drinking more water has me drinking less soda. When I have a moment where I would have normally grabbed a soda I find myself checking to see how far along I am on water intake and if I’m not at 8 yet, I grab water instead. Definitely a step in the right direction! I actually haven’t had a soda at all in 2015 and I cannot think of the last time I went 10+ days without a Diet Dr. Pepper. 🙂

I haven’t done as well with the 70,000 step/week goal, but I’m getting closer. I had 3 days this week where I was over 10,000 steps and should end the week with 60K+. I just need to be sure this is the only week I don’t hit that mark. Admittedly, that shouldn’t be hard at all next week, with Disneyland and the two races. It will be the two weeks to follow that I have to keep focus up!

I’ve also just finished up not only putting away all of the Christmas decorations, but some leftover Halloween decorations and cleaning up the whole basement. It was a whole-family project and it was amazing to see how much space we freed up in the basement storage area just by properly putting things away. There’s more than enough room in there for a treadmill once we get an electrician to fix the wiring (no plugs) so I’m thinking I’ll be able to stop paying my gym membership fee soon. 🙂 I’m really glad to have all of that cleaned up before I go away next weekend. It frees up a lot of mental clutter, clearing the physical clutter.


Monday 12 minutes jogging in place (weirdly fun) thanks to the crazy cold weather we’ve had this week, plus strength training.

Tuesday Nada

Wednesday 40 minute walk (and a 10K step day). I forgot how much I like walking – it moves different muscles than running, but is really nice in its own way.

Thursday 40 minute walk (and another 10K day)

Friday Nothing, thanks to a last minute car service appointment that took all day. I did get in planks, squats and lunges so I hit two bouts of strength training for the week!

Saturday 35 minutes and around 3 miles – I’m not exactly sure because I ran without my Garmin. It was fun to head out, take different paths than I normally do, and just move for the fun of it. Other than a twinge in my right knee, my legs felt great. I did have to stop a lot to walk through some big snow drifts where people hadn’t completely shoveled their sidewalks yet, a personal pet peeve of mine, given the snow was earlier in the week and they’d had plenty of time. Grrrr. In city limits, I think you can actually get in trouble for this as the paths must be clear for kids to walk to school but we aren’t in city limits.

These were deep enough that my feet got cold and wet!

These were deep enough that my feet got cold and wet!

Sunday I’m not sure what I feel like doing today, whether its another run or a walk or a ride on the stationary bike, but I will get to 10K steps. I’m sort of leaning against running again, to avoid an unnecessary back to back run, risking tweaking something (especially with the snow and icy spots). I don’t need the back to back training at this point. I just need to stay safe and keep moving. We’ll see what happens. I may end up sucked into my new library books, which I’m having a very hard time resisting today. This just seems like a Sunday to hang out in front of the fireplace and read a book, especially since I’ve had a really productive day so far, with my mommy and me breakfast date with O, a grocery run to stock Darrell and Oliver up on guy food to carry them through while I’m away this week, packing for Disneyland and cleaning out the basement. If I hadn’t already had 3 days this week where I didn’t hit the 10K step goal, I’d definitely give myself permission to slack off completely today. 🙂

I had three books ready through the library's waiting list all at once! I doubt I'll be able to get through all 3 before they're due again, but I'll enjoy trying.

I had three books ready through the library’s waiting list all at once! I doubt I’ll be able to get through all 3 before they’re due again, but I’ll enjoy trying.

I already told you guys my NSV for the week: O doing squats because he’d seen me doing exercises. Being a role model is such a big motivation! My gratitude for the week is definitely that I’m physically and financially able to go off to do crazy things like the Rebel Challenge this weekend. My good deed is donating a newly discovered charity: UnderwearNess (see what they’re about here). So often I’m reminded just how blessed I am, and have always been. In my job, I’ve seen children like the ones served by UnderwearNess, who don’t have things that the rest of take for granted like underwear that fit them or are unused. I can’t imagine what it is like for those kids and I felt guilty realizing that I’d never thought of this being a particular need that should be met. We donate clothes to shelters and other charities all of the time, but never underwear and until I read about this charity I’d never thought about the fact that if everyone else is doing that too, no wonder underwear are a huge unmet need. It’s the little things that are so huge in someone’s dignity. I’ll definitely be picking up underwear on my next round through Target to add to our donation box. (Not an endorsement or recommendation – always check out charities on your own to make your own choices)

Now that Disneyland is just a few days away, I need to make a must-do list. Any recommendations for Disneyland rides or treats I need to check out? This will be my first trip and as a DisneyWorld girl, I’m looking forward to seeing the original park!


4 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Tapering and hitting some mini-goals

  1. Kristin says:

    Wow, I’m so excited for you! Disneyland!! I’ve never been and I, as well, am a Disney World girl!! Went over Thanksgiving! Love it!! Have a great time! Great job on your workouts, too! You are certainly working hard! Way to go! XOXO

  2. Oh how awesome! I’ve never been to DL. Only WDW about 30-something times. DL is definitely on my bucket list though! I can’t wait to hear all about it! Great job this week!

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