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Ultimate Coffee Date: Kicking 2015 off right!

on January 3, 2015

Thanks to a schedule shift around my gym’s 5K on Thursday, this coffee date is on a blissful Saturday REST day in the training plan. It’s been ages since I had a Saturday without a long run on the schedule and I plan to enjoy it. We’ve started our Saturday off by having my expert crew assemble my new office chair, a gift from my mom for my walk-in closet turned home-office (pics coming soon I promise!).Β  It’s nice writing this post from a comfy new chair at my own desk, instead of balancing on the sofa or in bed. πŸ™‚

I asked Darrell if Oliver was actually helping and got a sarcastic "what do you think" response but O was having a blast. :)

I asked Darrell if Oliver was actually helping and got a sarcastic “what do you think” response but O was having a blast. πŸ™‚

What else would we talk about on this lovely chilly Saturday morning?

– We’d talk about how it seems to take ten times as long to put away the Christmas decorations as it did to get them out in the first place! My goal is to have them all properly stored by the end of January, instead of the current haphazard pile in the basement. Every year I seem to miss one little decoration that I find out of place in May or June. Maybe this year will be better?

– We’d talk about how I feel a little guilty immediately wanting to buy something frivolous for myself after getting so many lovely Christmas gifts, and yet I had a really hard time resisting this Dr. Who Yahtzee set at Barnes & Noble this week:

Isn't it adorable?

Isn’t it adorable?

– We’d talk about the crazy experience of registering for the Lincoln Half Marathon today. Are you running? This is my first year. Registration opened at 3 am and last year it sold out in 12 hours! It’s a flat, fast course with a reputation for great crowd support and a finish on the 50 yard line at Cornhusker stadium (a bigger deal for Nebraskans than it is for me). I have a half marathon PR in my sights and so I wanted to try to get in this year’s running. Thanks to bad dreams and an upset tummy from forgetting to take my lactaid last night with the cottage cheese I had with dinner (curse you lactose intolerance!), I happened to wake up at 4:20 so I decided to take a couple of minutes to register while I was up. It was quick and easy, which was nice. They register 12,000 runners and sold out by 10:30 this morning! 7.5 hours! Totally crazy and RunDisney-like, right? The really crazy part was trying to find a hotel room near the race in Lincoln this morning. Everything close was already booked up by the time I started at 8 am and even when I was on hotels.com looking for options elsewhere in town, things were disappearing as I was clicking on them. It was nuts! I found somewhere, thankfully, because I did not want to try to run a half marathon with a time goal after waking up at 5 am to drive an hour from my house to the race!

– While we were on the topic of running, we’d talk about my absolutely lovely 11 mile run in the park yesterday. It was dark as I finished (admittedly too dark for me to be in that park, which made me nervous) but I was rewarded by seeing some last lingering Christmas lights as I came into a residential area near my gym, where I’d parked my car. Even better, I got to watch three deer running and jumping and playing back and forth across the path for a few minutes before they noticed me. πŸ™‚ It was a great way to end the run and to end the bulk of my Rebel Challenge training. On to taper time!

I suspect this will be last run amongst the Christmas lights until next year. :(

I suspect this will be last run amongst the Christmas lights until next year. 😦

What would you want to chat about today? How long does it normally take you to get all of the holiday decorations put away? What spring races do you have planned? Do share!

Ultimate Coffee Date: jillconyers.com

Ultimate Coffee Date: jillconyers.com

Thanks to Jill, Nikki and Lynda for hosting as always.


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