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Friday Favorites: Inspiration in other people’s goals

on January 2, 2015

I love this time of year in blog-land, with lots of inspiration to be gathered from everyone’s recaps of their year and goals for next year.

I love, love, love Christine’s Nailed It list. So rarely in life do we give ourselves credit for the things we’ve done, instead focusing on the things we want to change or improve and that’s especially true this time of year. Be sure to pause in your reflections to appreciate how rockin’ you really are!

Kudos to me for walking more miles than the Nile is long with my FitBit!

Kudos to me for walking more miles than the Nile is long with my FitBit!

I also really enjoyed Laura’s goals for 2015, not that I can ever imagine targeting race times like that (wow is she speedy!) but because the goal of “every day a little play” really resonated with me. While parenting can be exhausting, the years really will fly by and I should make an effort to soak up these little moments when O wants to play with me while I have them. Before I know it, I’ll have a surly teenager who wants nothing to do with me and I’ll regret saying “just aΒ  minute” or “maybe later” so often to the little guy who wants to play with me. Household chores can wait for a few minutes while we play.

I also found Monica’s reflections on the year really interesting (aka Disney Running Bride at RunningHappilyEverAfter)Β  and inspiring as she finds her own place and figures out what is really worthwhile in terms of happiness and satisfaction-generation. I’ll never be speedy, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t joy to be found in the quiet time on the road, in cheering on others as they run and in finding new kinds of challenges. Thanks for sharing your stories Monica! All of us that aren’t at the front of the pack need to hear more from others like us.

Katie at RunsforCookies was a huge inspiration for me back when I started running at 250 pounds and her honesty about the struggles of maintenance after losing a lot of weight continue to help me as I have my own struggles. Her recap of the last year includes some great moments in her own running and in guiding others through new running milestones. I love that she even made note of her most memorable meal – all of that cream cheese frosting would definitely stand out in my memory too! Yum! (I hate carrot cake but ADORE cream cheese frosting) If you want to start your year out with a free virtual 5K, be sure to sign up for her annual birthday 5K. This will be my third year doing it – there’s something fun about knowing lots of others are running along with you, even when it looks like you’re all alone. πŸ™‚

I love that Pam and Christine made goals not only for themselves, but for each other (and there is so much love in those goals for each other!) and for all of their readers and virtual friends. Really, I’ve just loved soaking up all of the optimism and positivity in blogland right now. It’s very inspiring and I thank you all for sharing your stories!

It's all about love isn't it? Did I show you guys this ornament O picked out for me because "hearts mean love Mama?"

It’s all about love isn’t it? Did I show you guys this ornament O picked out for me because “hearts mean love Mama?” We all got a kick out of it and he didn’t understand why we thought it was funny at all. Such a sweetheart.

I’m going to take all of this love and inspiration with me out for my last long run this afternoon – 11 miles! This is the last long run before the Rebel Challenge in two weeks. Thanks for loading me up with lots of good vibes from these posts and the many more I’ve read this week!

Have a great weekend!



6 responses to “Friday Favorites: Inspiration in other people’s goals

  1. Kristin says:

    Great inspiration!! Happy New Year!! Have a fabulous 11 miles!! I know you’ll rock it!! XOXO

  2. Great links! I know that people say that you can start new any day, but I still like taking the new year to reflect and focus on something for a new year. It;s refreshing πŸ™‚

  3. O is so sweet, I just love that! Hope the 11 was awesome today!

  4. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    I’m glad that goal resonated with you- I totally agree, it’s hard in the moment to always feel like playing when there are other things to do but I don’t want to look back and regret missing out on this stage of their life!

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