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Year of Running 2014

on December 30, 2014

Last year, I did this reflection on my year of running thanks to the model laid out over on Miss Zippy (check her 2014 update out here) and found it really helpful, especially now that I think about how my running looks this year in comparison. The Tuesday on the Run link up was also about reflecting on your running year, so this was the perfect topic for today!

Last year’s favorite race was my 10K, which definitely still stands out in my mind as a highlight just in terms of the feeling of accomplishment I got as a result of that finish line. This year, I’m torn between the Princess Half Marathon, as my first half marathon and such a unique event, the Peak to Peak 10 miler, because I felt so vindicated by finally sticking with my plan to push until the end of a race, or the 400 meter run with Oliver, which was such pure joy. Really, it’s been a fantastic year of races.
 Oliver and Jessica 5.26.14 4
I think my favorite run this year was the first mile I ran with Oliver, where we ran up and down the street in front of our house for a mile. It was so nice to see how much fun running could be and should be.
Is this the future of Run Disney?

Is this the future of Run Disney?

I would have to say my favorite piece of running gear would be either my Under Armour Cold Gear tights (which are currently getting quite the workout – below zero here this morning) or my new Brooks Ghost running shoes, which I adore. I’m actually excited that I’m going to break in a new pair of Brooks today!


My favorite piece of running advice this year was to embrace the easy run, just because it made running so fun during a really busy year professionally. It was nice to just put one foot in front of the other and knowing I was actually doing good things for my body (and my mind!) instead of pushing and worrying about how fast (or slow!) I was going every time I hit the road. Did I embrace it too much? Sometimes I think so, just in terms of my pace during the Des Moines Half Marathon but then I remind myself how busy and how tired I was surrounding that race and how happy I was with my paces at the Peak 2 Peak 10 miler (sub-10:45 per mile!). I suspect my Des Moines performance (which was still a PR!) had more to do with everything else going on in my life than with my training, which was solid enough to get me to that Peak 2 Peak performance just a few weeks before the half marathon.


My running role model and inspiration in the last half of this year has definitely been Oliver. Every time I dread heading out to run or hate that first mile (always hate the first mile), I remind myself of the look on his face when he runs and how he thinks any runner is just like his mommy and how he asks when the weather will be good enough to run again. He’s been a great inspiration in keeping the joy and fun in running this year.
Every finish should be celebrated!

Every finish should be celebrated!

The phrase that described my running last year was “making huge strides,” which was perfectly appropriate given how new I was to running. This year, “Keep on keepin’ on” comes to mind. I’m pleasantly surprised that I’ve stuck with running all of this time and that I can’t imagine dropping it (barring injury) in the future. That’s pretty awesome, particularly since I’ve never been dedicated to any sport (or even any hobby other than reading) in the past.


Looking back at my mileage for the year, I logged 617 miles for the year (plus a theoretical 4-5 more this afternoon). That’s amazing to me, considering I had big chunks where I didn’t run at all due to illness and injury and considering the fact that it’s only my second year of running. Not only that, I’m about to run my third half marathon in less than 365 days (between the Princess Half Marathon in February 2014, the Des Moines Half Marathon in October 2014 and the Star Wars Half Marathon in January 2015). That’s nothing to sneeze at!


Of course, also in looking back I can see clearly where I fell off the wagon and lost my mojo in October 2014. I had a stellar run at the Peak 2 Peak 10 miler but between crazy travel in October, tweaking my hip, getting seriously sick in November and then the holiday crazies this month, things have seriously slowed down in terms of speed and “oomph.” I’m thinking about my goals for next year in terms of my running, but I know I definitely want to find a way to reclaim that oomph.

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Also be sure to check out the Tuesday on the Run link up with April, Erika and Patty to see what everyone else has been up to this year. What’s your year been like? Are you making goals for 2015? Am I the only one who actively skitters away from the word “resolutions” even in my own head? 🙂

3 responses to “Year of Running 2014

  1. Kristin says:

    Awwww!!! The pictures of Oliver are beyond adorable!! I love that you use Oliver as your inspiration!! That’s truly amazing and you’re such a wonderful and beautiful woman!! XOXO

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