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Weekly Wrap-Up: Three weeks until race day!

on December 29, 2014

It’s less than three weeks until the Rebel Challenge and despite all of the holiday events and a Christmas cold (complete with pink eye for Oliver – ugh), I’m happy to say I got the workouts in! It’s a relief to check workouts off when you get this close to race day, in a weird way. You know there are only a few tough ones left and you don’t have much wiggle room to procrastinate because the race is so close.

We had a lovely holiday, complete with some great new running gifts and other gifts, plus some wonderful family moments. We dismantled the tree last night, which is normally a little bittersweet, but not so much this year. I suspect that’s because I’ve got Disneyland to look forward to in a few weeks plus a family vacation in a couple of months. That definitely eases the Christmas letdown a bit. 🙂 I’m also hoping now that Christmas is over, some of the amped up crazy toddler behavior we’ve seen in Oliver simmers down a bit. The last two days are already better than anything the ten days before that, so there’s hope my good boy is coming back.


Monday Lots of insane running around at work, but no real workout

Tuesday Last full day of work, which was absolutely nuts, so no workout yet again (but lots of steps). It was such a relief to be done at 6.

Wednesday After my husband got off work at 2ish, I got O down for a nap and headed out for a hill workout without a Garmin. It was nice to run hard intervals for a bit, but finish the workout without worrying about distance or pace. I did 8-9 hill repeats (I always lose track of counting!) and ran easy for a while afterwards to finish 30 minutes. It felt good to sweat after a day cooped up in the house with Oliver. I used those calories on a glass of wine before we tackled assembling Oliver’s toy kitchen, which I definitely needed to make that task easier.

O's big gift was a toy kitchen, which we didn't wrap and just left in the corner waiting to see when he'd notice it. He absolutely loved it and we ate lots of salads and tea and soup as he cooked all day.

He’s still in love with this thing, so totally worth the effort to assemble it. We’re still eating pretend food several times a day that he’s cooking for us.

Thursday No workout, unless you count taking lots of loads of wrapping paper to the recycling bin.

Friday The weather was really icky (rain/ice combo) so I decided to wait to do my back-to-back runs until Saturday/Sunday and did a couple of circuits of strength training instead while Oliver napped. Yet again I’m reminded how easy it is to get a little strength work in and wonder why I keep putting it off?

Saturday I had a lovely cold run in my new Under Armour Cold Gear (thanks Darrell!), covering 5.5 miles. It felt remarkably easy, even with occasionally dodging icy patches.

Love having an extra set of Cold Gear so I don't have to wash my current one pair of pants so often this time of year.

Love having an extra set of Cold Gear so I don’t have to wash my current one pair of pants so often this time of year.

Sunday As good as Saturday’s run felt, I expected Sunday to be easy too. 10 miles on the schedule and the temp was around 30 instead of 20 (big difference, I assure you), plus the icy patches were all easing away. I picked a slightly different route than I’ve been doing, heading across the street into a neighborhood full of horses and farms. This means a lot bigger hills than I do in my already hilly neighborhood. I spent 4+ miles traipsing through that neighborhood (including getting lost once and pulling out my phone to get back on track) and then headed back into my own usual paths. I think those hills took more out of me than I realized because by mile 6, I was exhausted! My legs just felt done and my breathing felt raspy (my throat is already irritated thanks to O’s cold). Looking at my paces on the Garmin after the run, I go from 12-ish paces in the first 5 miles to a 14 minute mile 6, so that wall was not in my imagination. I had to do a lot of mental arguing with myself. I had to do ten miles and if I kept running instead of stopping to walk for the rest of it, I’d get done faster. It was good practice in mental toughness, in sticking with it, and mile 6 ended up being the slowest as I picked it up again after that. I won’t deny that my legs felt much more tired and tight after that run than they have after any of my other back to back runs. I ate immediately after the run to refuel, drank a big glass of water with a couple of Nuun tabs and foam rolled before bed, all of which made it possible for me to get out of bed this morning.


Cold but gorgeous day!

Cold but gorgeous day!

This is my last week of runs before tapering. I’m planning on strength training today, running on the treadmill Tuesday to test out the new Star Wars shirt I’m considering wearing for the 10K, a 5K at my gym plus an extra 2.9 miles Thursday (total 6) and then 11 miles Friday for my last big back to back run before the race. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for the Thursday and Friday runs!

I hope everyone has a good week and gets the New Year off to a good start!


4 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Three weeks until race day!

  1. Sounds like a really good week though! Glad you toughed that run out!

  2. Kristin says:

    Great workouts and what a great week!! Fabulous plan for the week, too!! You’re amazing!! XOXO

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