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Thankful Thursday: A week until Christmas!

on December 18, 2014

I am thankful that I only have four working days left until Christmas for a start. πŸ™‚ I am so worn out from lots of big projects for the last few months, illnesses and general chaos. I’m really looking forward to a few days off and am very thankful I have a job that allows me vacation time at the holidays (this year at least).

What else am I thankful for today?

– I’m thankful that the universe sends you just the gifts you need at just the right time. Monday night, when I got home after a long day that started with Oliver vomiting at 2:30 am and then a day FULL of work, I came home to find my card from my running blogger exchange buddy, Katie (at From Ice Cream to Marathon ) complete with a much appreciated the Starbucks gift card. I’m not sure what I appreciated more – the happy card & note or the promise of caffeine. The exchange was coordinated through the lovely ladies at Fairytales and Fitness – definitely join the holiday card swap next year if you didn’t this year!

Thanks Katie!

Thanks Katie!

– I’m thankful I finally got an email from RunDisney about the Star Wars weekend races. I booked the trip through a travel provider this time and thus haven’t been getting any RunDisney emails until the travel provider released their final roster (I guess?) to RunDisney. I confess I was a little worried that somehow things would fall through until I got the official email and printed my waiver. πŸ™‚ A month to go! (Don’t worry – a whole spiel about working through a travel provider will be coming).



– I’m thankful that in the midst of all of the crazy this week, there have been some beautiful moments. We were at Target Tuesday evening restocking on Gatorade and Lysol (as you must after the stomach bug roars through the house). We passed the card section and Oliver insisted that we stop to get a card. He wanted a singing card for Baby Jesus’s birthday. He spent 15 minutes choosing the perfect card, that sang a song and wasn’t scary (because he’s just a baby after all and we don’t want to scare him – this came up when he debated a card that had a dinosaur and race cars on it).

Definitely a moment of sweetness that melted him mama's grouchy heart.

Definitely a moment of sweetness that melted his mama’s grouchy heart.

He was so sweet and so earnest about the whole thing that it undid so many of the bad feelings I was carrying around about how behind I was on things at work and home and for the holidays. I am so thankful for the innocence and goodness of my child.

I think the card he picked ultimately was exactly what I needed too, even if Oliver wasn’t choosing it for me.

The gift of patience is one I really need. :)

The gift of patience is one I really need. πŸ™‚

I’m wishing you all a bit of peace in the midst of the week before Christmas madness! What are you thankful for today?

PS We’re mailing Baby Jesus’s card to my parents, who will be sure to bring it back for me to keep. πŸ™‚



2 responses to “Thankful Thursday: A week until Christmas!

  1. That is so precious mailing a card to Baby Jesus. Treasure these times.

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