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Weekly Wrap-Up: Late for a good reason :)

on December 8, 2014

One of the reasons I continue to blog is the accountability. Knowing that I have this virtual audience keeps me in honest in a weird way and thus, I didn’t want to write my weekly wrap up post yesterday until I got my long run done. It was a grey and damp day, so I was looking at being out in the dreary weather for a couple of hours or being on the treadmill for a couple of hours – neither appealing and I stalled. A lot. I didn’t get it done until 5:30, but I finally did it. 🙂 Thanks for being my virtual accountability partners (even if you didn’t realize you were doing it!).


Monday I got in a quick round of strength training, with lunges, squats, clam shells, push ups, planks and bridges. It’s amazing that it really takes only a few minutes to do a round of body weight exercises. There’s no excuse for me skipping these key injury prevention exercises as often as I do.

Tuesday I had a plan to get 4 miles in, but things got so busy and the weather was so nasty I never got to it.

Wednesday Speed work on the plan, but I decided to do the 4 miles I missed on Tuesday instead. In a nod to the speed work on the plan, I did run up the hills in my neighborhood loop. It was so fun running through the Christmas lights at night!

These flash in a fantastic dancing pattern among the trees!

These flash in a fantastic dancing pattern among the trees!

Thursday I took a fifteen minute walk around campus, plus family dance party after decorating our tree!

There's just something so magical about lights at Christmas.

There’s just something so magical about lights at Christmas.

Friday I was supposed to run 4.5 miles but the day totally got away from me. It was a busy enough day that I still got over 7500 steps, but my back to back runs got shifted to Saturday-Sunday instead of my usual Friday-Saturday.

Saturday 4.5 miles, easy run, with a different route that took me through a neighborhood full of horse farms:

This guy immediately came up to the fence to check me out when I ran by.

This guy immediately came up to the fence to check me out when I ran by.

My feet and shins ached the entire run, so I definitely need to replace those Asics. I’ve lost track of the miles on those shoes, so it’s probably past time.

Sunday Like I said above, I stalled so much on this run. It was cold and wet, but I finally hauled myself out a little after 3. For the first two miles, I hated every step and wondered what was wrong with me that I was out doing this “for fun.” No one else would be out running in this muck unless they were being chased by a T. rex. 🙂 Of course, after that my mind got in gear and I enjoyed myself. It helped that it got dark enough that people’s Christmas lights came on. Like always, I felt great when it was done. You really do only regret the workouts you skip.

Today is the first day I’ve been really sore after a back to back workout. 9 miles does appear to be my personal threshhold for post-run soreness in general (unless I’ve done speed work or race paces) and the bad shoes Saturday probably contributed. I’m happy to say that I was very conscious this weekend about refueling immediately after both runs to help with recovery and I was very conscious about fueling during the 9 miles, with a gel at 3 miles and a mini Larabar at 6 miles. I’m not hobbling or anything today (other than that first step out of bed, of course) but definitely have some aching along my IT bands so in addition to my Monday night strength training, I’ll be sure to do some yoga.

I can’t believe in a little over a month I’ll be running the Rebel Challenge! Being the compulsive planner I am, that means I’m behind on my list making!

I hope everyone has a great week!


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