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Friday Favorites: Christmas Vacation

on December 5, 2014

The movie, not an actual vacation yet. I’m very excited to go watch Christmas Vacation in our local movie theater with my husband tonight. 🙂 It’s one of my favorite holiday movies and O’s school is doing their annual parents night out tonight, so he’ll be partying with them until 8:30. That means hubby & I get a date night and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to kick off Christmas with one of our favorite movies!

We've also put up our tree to kick off the Christmas season but our angel looks a little tipsy up there doesn't she?

We’ve also put up our tree to kick off the Christmas season but our angel looks a little tipsy up there doesn’t she?

One of my favorite things about this week has been embracing my “do a good deed every day” goal. Today, that included helping someone find their way through the maze of construction here to get to the building they needed (which was definitely not the one they were in when I found them). Wednesday, we bought dinner for another family at Village Inn, which is an annual tradition of ours. What I really loved was that the restaurant manager involved Oliver in the process and brought the table map of the restaurant over so he could choose the table. They’ve watched him grow up and know us enough to know that we’re trying to teach him the importance of giving back and being grateful for how fortunate we are as a family, so I love that they helped us involve him in this little endeavor. We’ll buy dinner for someone every week this month, which is always fun.

It's getting harder and harder for people to navigate here on campus!

It’s getting harder and harder for people to navigate here on campus!

On to some of my favorite posts of the week!

Christine runs a series called Ask a Yogini, which I love because it merges her running interests with her expertise as a yoga instructor. This week’s post discussed the benefits of yoga for runners and I particularly liked how she highlighted things beyond the stretching and strength benefits (undeniable, of course) to include things like breathing and mental training. The mental training is so huge for me because I feel like in so many ways my brain konks out in races. Check it out here.

Runner’s health has a nice review of a recent article about exercising and weight loss, including the sometimes contradictory issues with regards to increased appetite or even weight gain when we’re trying to lose weight. The blog recap is here and the link to the original research article is here. As a science geek, I found the discussion of how hormones affect appetite particularly interesting (and I confess, as I’m feeling hormonal swings more now with an IUD than I did on the pill, I noticed some appetite shifts this week).

Heading into the holidays and feeling a little frustrated that the weight gain I told you about earlier this week is still hanging on (yes, I’m getting on the scale every morning even though I know better – GRRR), Dani’s post over on Weight off my Shoulders really resonated with me. It always helps to know that others have these struggles too and the reminder to pull out my Reasons to Lose and Reasons to Maintain lists again was a good one. Maybe I need to re-evaluate those this month to remind myself why I’m doing this!

Lastly, I have to share this news story because it was such a bright spot in an increasingly depressing news cycle we’ve got going in the US lately. There’s a football player in Houston, Andre Johnson, that does a shopping spree for kids every year and it just made me smile to see these kids’ pictures. We can all share the joy in big and little ways this holiday season. I hope someone shares it with you and you’re able to pass it on!

What’s your favorite holiday movie? I love so many, but Christmas Vacation is definitely near the top of my list for nostalgia reasons.


8 responses to “Friday Favorites: Christmas Vacation

  1. Oh my I love that idea! What a great thing you are doing this month! I bet you guys make someones day with the buying dinner thing and getting O involved now is just amazing. Kudos to you guys.

    Favorite holiday movie.. so hard to name just one! A tie between White Christmas, Die Hard (yes, I claim this is a holiday movie!), Elf, Christmas Vacation and Love Actually. Oh and It’s a Wonderful Life. UGH this is hard! LOL

  2. Christine says:

    Thanks for including my post here! Have fun at the movies tonight!

  3. I love me some Love Actually. It’s on repeat at my house during the holidays!

  4. Thank you for your kind comments! Have a lovely time tonight!

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