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Weight Loss Wednesday: A gain, but that’s okay

on December 3, 2014

Like I mentioned yesterday, I was expecting a gain this week thanks to salty travel food and it being that TOM and the scale offered no surprises:

Always a little weird to me when Weight Watchers gives me a point back - it's like I'm being rewarded for a gain with extra food!

Always a little weird to me when Weight Watchers gives me a point back – it’s like I’m being rewarded for a gain with extra food!

This didn’t throw me as much as some other gains have because I was mentally ready for it and know that it shouldn’t hang around. I know I didn’t eat 3+ pounds worth of extra food over the holiday weekend. šŸ™‚ That would be tough to do with turkey breast and raw veggies, I’m thinking. I still went through the same mental steps I always do after a gain:

Why did this number show up? Take an honest look at the foods and activity I’ve tracked and decide if I was honest in my tracking, if I made choices that resulted in this gain – real or not (salty or carby choices make me retain water) or if I made good choices in terms of food and exercise and this is just a meaningless blip.

Step back to look at the bigger trend. I’ve been steadily working my way back down for the last several weeks, which I can see on this lovely little graph, so I know the things I’m doing are working. I just need to stick with them. On the other hand, if I see a gain again next week or if this weight doesn’t go anywhere, then that is not a positive trend and I need to start seriously re-evaluating my plans.

I love graphs - it makes it so much easier to see the overall trend of improvement. This is just one data point.

I love graphs – it makes it so much easier to see the overall trend of improvement. This is just one data point.

Remind myself of all of the NSVs I’ve noticed recently. So I lost a little ground on the scale this week. That’s okay because you know what else happened this week? I was able to run and play with my kid at Thanksgiving all he wanted and my pants were comfortable after eating Thanksgiving dinner because a) I didn’t overeat and b) my pants fit better! I also had a physical for my life insurance (being hospitalized last month made me realize things can happen at any time and maybe we need more coverage) yesterday morning and my blood pressure was 90/60. 90/60!! That’s a long way from the 220/110 that required two blood pressure medications to control just a couple of years ago. In January I’ll actually celebrate two years off of blood pressure medication. I’ve come a long way and one gain, so long as it doesn’t continue, is not going to undo all that progress.

Little boy with a ball + lots of leaves = lots of running and kicking!

Little boy with a ball + lots of leaves = lots of running and kicking!

What did I actively remind myself not to do?

I didn’t beat myself up for the gain. It’s a number on a scale. That’s it. Gravity. It says nothing about my worth as a person. I love this post over on Terra Ayres about the fact that we don’t have to EARN self-love. We should learn to love ourselves even when we don’t meet our workout or weight loss goals, but that can be hard to do. Not only does beating yourself up not help, in my case it also leads to wanting to EAT ALL THE THINGS so it’s definitely something to avoid. By now I’ve got lots of experience with gains, both expected and unexpected, so I know this is a bumpy road, but early in my weight loss journey this would definitely trigger a lot of self-loathing. I’m proud to say that this time, it didn’t really both me at all (remind me of this if I’m stepping on the scale every day for the next week and getting more and more angsty if it doesn’t move!!).

I didn’t stop eating to try to get things back to “normal” faster. Restricting yourself because of gain is not a good idea, especially if you’re a binge eater like me. With my first unexpected gain back when I was initially losing weight, I ended up cutting way back on the points I was eating each day for the next week just to get the number on the scale back down. It worked, but the following week I had another gain and had a cycle of gain/loss/gain/loss for a few weeks. It was so frustrating and only stopped when I ignored the scale and just ate my points like I was supposed to. Just stick to the plan. Now I remind myself of that graph up above, showing me that the way I’ve been eating and exercising works for me. I just need to stick with it and keep making the next healthy choice. This too shall pass.

I don’t get to throw in the towel and “give up” until the New Year. I’ll be honest – part of me is tempted to say “screw it” and just eat what I want until we’re through the holidays. After all, I was “good” through Thanksgiving and look what it got me. I’m trying to ignore this voice as much as possible. I made good food and activity choices through Thanksgiving and that resulted in a body and mind that felt good. That’s reason enough to keep making good choices. While I know I wouldn’t regain 100 pounds if I just threw it all out the window until I got through Christmas, I could regain 20 pounds realistically (I LOVE to eat) and I don’t want that. A) Those last 20 pounds were the hardest to lose and B) I’m running the Rebel Challenge in 6 weeks – I do not want to carry around any weight I don’t have to for 19.3 miles! When you hear that little voice, know that it is lying about your efforts being a waste of time and try to tune it out. šŸ™‚

If this gain is still hanging around next week, it’ll be time to do some re-evaluating, but for now, we’ll stay the course.

Do you talk yourself through gains on the scale? I confess, I have little conversations with myself before I even step on it on weigh in day. šŸ™‚



6 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday: A gain, but that’s okay

  1. I totally talk myself through them all the time. Plus it doesn’t help that I’m a daily weigher lol

    • Ugh. I got on the scale today, even though I shouldn’t have (Tuesday is official weigh in day) and it was up which is totally screwing with my mind. Darn TOM.

      On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 8:04 AM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


  2. Inspiring, thanks for writing

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