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December Goals

on December 2, 2014

I confess, I both love and hate the fact that things move so quickly this time of year. I love Christmas and know it will be here before we know it so I don’t have to wait long for Christmas morning to arrive. 🙂 However, that also means that the January blahs will be here before we know it. At least this year I have the Rebel Challenge to look forward to in January!

I felt like November went really well until I looked back at what my actual goals for the month were. I didn’t really hit the mark on all of them, but feel like I had a healthy month in spirit (especially with the hospital stay and the holiday!) so I’m not beating myself up much about the month.

Get your gobbler in gear plank and push-up challenge: I didn’t do the assignment every day, but definitely several days each week and got up to 30+ push ups and 3 minutes of planking, so it was a worthy effort! I confess, this month’s challenge looks a little tougher so I’m not sure I’ll commit to both. We’ll see.

64 ounces of water a day: I was doing really well until we went to Arkansas for Thanksgiving, when I totally fell off the wagon. I think the lack of water plus the salty food combined to contribute to the puffiness I ended up with over the weekend (couldn’t get my rings on some days!). Between that and the time of month, I’m expecting a gain on the scale this week for sure. In the meantime, I’ve already met my 64 ounce goal for today!

Keep up with tracking and weigh ins all month, no matter the result: I really did well with this goal and tracked every day, even through the holiday and the hospital stay. I also weighed in every week. The scale has moved steadily back down, which is great, but more importantly I feel so much less puffy and squidgy and my pants fit better. Definitely a success with this goal!

Ten minutes of exercise of day: I confess, this totally fell off of my radar after the hospital stay. Oops.

7000 steps a day: Again, totally off the radar after the hospital. It’s not like I was lazy after I got out of the hospital, but by the time I’d recovered the holiday was looming and I just lost of track of fitness goals other than my back to back runs.

Gratitude: I loved this goal! Reflecting every Thursday on the things I was grateful for was such a mental boost in my week in the midst of all of the chaos of this month. This month and next are going to be super busy as well, so I’m going to continue the Thankful Thursday through the holiday season at least because I really liked the place it brought me to mentally, in terms of peace and gratitude and rising above some of the materialistic chaos that can come with the holiday season.

If I'm going to teach this little guy to appreciate how fortunate we are, I need to make sure I'm actively appreciating it myself!

If I’m going to teach this little guy to appreciate how fortunate we are, I need to make sure I’m actively appreciating it myself!

I spent a lot of the holiday weekend reflecting on how November has gone and thinking about meaningful goals for December. There are lots of distractions and temptations during the holiday season and it’s easy to lose track of fitness and food goals, but I also don’t want to miss out on the joy of the holidays. I’ve settled on these goals for the month:

Drink my water! For real this time! A perpetual goal, I know. At least I’m doing well today.

Strength training every Monday: Last night I confess I really didn’t want to do this but I reminded myself how much better I felt through the rest of the week knowing that I’d started the week with the strength training I need to stay strong and injury free. That’s worth ten minutes of squats and planks and push ups, etc every Monday.

Average 7500 steps a day: As I approach the race (6 weeks to go!) I need to respect my rest days and trying to get to 7000 steps a day wasn’t working well with that, so for this month I’ll just plan to average 7500 steps a day, which should help keep moving but also allow me to really rest on Sundays.

Perform a good deed every day: It doesn’t matter how big or small, we need to put more good out into the world. I’d like to do that in some way, big or small, every day this month. Today in particular is #GivingTuesday, after the materialism of the last few shop-a-holic days, so I’ll be making a donation to our local food bank.

Continue Thankful Thursday: I loved writing these posts and with all of the sparkle and lights and presents of the Christmas season (which I love), I think I need to keep this reminder to myself of how blessed I am.

Run a holiday themed run: I’m considering the Omaha Running Club’s Holiday Lights Run, which is Sunday night, but I know I want to do at least one holiday themed run this December. I enjoyed all of the costumes (although not the cold!) at the Ugly Sweater Run last year and it is definitely a good way to keep active during this busy month. Is it weird that it seems weird to me that I haven’t run a race in over a month? I think that means I may have a problem. 🙂

Stay on plan through the holidays and holiday parties: We aren’t traveling for Christmas, which means I have no excuse for wandering off track. I will have the ability to control a lot of my food and definitely my exercise, so I’m planning to keep with my normal tracking plan that I outlined at the beginning of November. I’ve got my last 3 long back to back runs of the Rebel Challenge training coming this month, so I’ll be earning plenty of activity points for some treats (likely more Peppermint Mochas knowing me!).

I'll be sure to walk enough Friday when I'm shopping to earn a skinny peppermint mocha, one of my favorite treats of the holiday season. :)

One of my favorite treats of the holiday season. 🙂

One minor bit of bloggy business: I never heard from the winner of the Southern Living cookbook giveaway! Sara M was our winner. I’ll be re-emailing her to touch base, but if I haven’t heard anything by Friday we’ll be re-drawing and may have a new winner. I’ll keep you posted and Sara, if you see this, email me at littlemoreeachday@gmail.com so we can get your prize to you!!

What are your December goals? Just to survive with smiles and sanity intact? Some days that seems like all I can handle. 🙂


3 responses to “December Goals

  1. I really love the good deed every day one!

  2. […] of my goals for the month was to do good deeds and I definitely wanted to share my favorite from this week so […]

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