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Weekly Wrap-Up: Road trip!

on December 1, 2014

Today I’ve got a rare Monday weekly wrap up thanks to our Thanksgiving travels. We went down to Arkansas for the holiday and I have to say that it was our best road trip yet with Oliver! He’s grown up enough that he’s good in the car with movies and snacks and did great sleeping in a hotel room. He took naps at Nana’s without a fuss, didn’t misbehave at all and even stayed up late at night without turning into a whining demon! So lovely! Needless to say, we had a lovely holiday weekend and even though it was light on workouts, it was big on fun. I also feel really good about my food choices for the travel and holiday, even if I do feel a little puffy because things were saltier than my usual.


Monday Cross training on the schedule and for the second Monday in a row, this was strength training! I think maybe if I just keep this a regularly scheduled Monday workout to start my training week, I’ll do better at not skipping it entirely. Ideally, of course, I’d strength train more than once a week, but once a week is better than none!

Tuesday Running 4-5 miles was my plan and I ended up with 4.5 miles. This run was plagued with electronic gremlins which makes it hard to get motivated on a super cold morning! The audiobook player I was listening to from the library got glitchy, so I switched to podcasts on my phone only to have my phone go haywire and start telling me it was overheating even though it was only 13 degrees outside. I ended up having to replace my phone that day, not what you want to deal with the day before a long road trip! At least there are enough people who keep their Christmas lights on all night to cheer up there dark, cold early morning runs. 🙂

Love Christmas lights!

Love Christmas lights!

Wednesday Nothing but driving all day!

Thursday I had a one woman turkey trot in the hotel workout room and decided to do some speed intervals since I was on a treadmill. I haven’t been great about getting to the gym for speed work this training cycle! I ended up with 3.25 sweaty miles and while it wasn’t as fun as last year’s turkey trot, at least I felt I’d earned all the turkey I ate that day!

Friday I was planning on cross training in the form of shopping on this day and I definitely got lots of activity in. We walked around shopping a lot (and checked off lots of my list!), looking at Christmas lights and playing ball with O in the afternoon when everyone else was watching football on TV. I ended up with about 12,000 steps for the day, which counts as a good workout day in my book!

Little boy with a ball + lots of leaves = lots of running and kicking!

Little boy with a ball + lots of leaves = lots of running and kicking!

Saturday I’d planned on getting another run in on Saturday, but instead spent the morning cuddling in bed with my guys and watching TV before we headed off to meet a friend for breakfast at Waffle House (why oh why doesn’t the Midwest have Waffle House!!). While a workout would be nice, I wouldn’t trade that cuddle time with just the three of us for anything. Visiting family is great, but the quiet moments are even more appreciated in the midst of all of the people. It ended up being a day full of playing and culminated in roasting hot dogs and marshmallows around the fire pit. O wasn’t afraid of the fire this year and we had a great time! Hot dogs always kill my stomach these days, so I skipped that but I couldn’t resist the marshmallows (after all 2 marshmallows = 1 point and there’s nothing better than toasted marshmallows!).

I love a fire pit on a chilly night!

I love a fire pit on a chilly night!

Sunday Road trip back home, so no workout but lots of steps loading and then unloading the car. We won’t see most of my family again before the holidays, so we brought home most of the presents from them so that they don’t have to be mailed. It was like playing Tetris to get them all in the car!

He’s so excited to have his very own little tree!

When we got back home, I helped O decorate his very own little tree for his room and tonight we’ll start on the house as a whole. I can’t believe it’s less than 4 weeks until Christmas! Only 6 weeks until the Star Wars half marathon! That means I’m back on the workout wagon this week and back to normal eating. I made good choices all weekend, but they were all sort of boring since turkey was the only remotely healthy option other than the fruit and veggie tray we’d brought along. Turkey and crudites get a little monotonous, even though I do love turkey. 🙂

It’s in the teens here in Omaha this week, so lots of soup is on the meal plan, which will be a nice change of pace from turkey and road food. Anybody else planning any yummy foods this week? I’m always looking for new soup recipes so share if you have any good ones!


2 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Road trip!

  1. Sounds like a really fun week and safe travels too! Glad you guys had a nice Thanksgiving! I’m gonna keep my eye out for some yummy soup recipes too and I’ll be sure to share them along! We are probably doing a turkey gumbo with what we have left of the bird. Maybe tonight or tomorrow!

    • We’re doing posole and chili this week. I don’t have the patience to do a good roux for gumbo very often, as much as I love it. Maybe I can convince my husband to stand and stir roux for a while this weekend because now gumbo sounds really good!

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