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Healthy holiday gift ideas

on November 25, 2014

To follow up on yesterday’s holiday gifts for runners and get ready for a weekend of holiday shopping, here are some healthy gift ideas for the non-runners on your list.

Activity monitors: It’s no secret I love my FitBit (and sort of hate that I “waste” all of the steps I take before I put it on in the morning!), so I think one of the many activity monitors on the market now would make a great gift for the fitness minded person on your list. There are so many new items on the market now, including the Apple Watch coming in 2015 that I know many people are really looking forward to. Check out reviews of the many options available here, here and here. My husband has the new Microsoft band on his Christmas list, but he’ll have to be a very good boy in order for Santa to find a way around its current backorder waiting list!

Still totally in love with FitBit and it's happy little flower!

Still totally in love with FitBit and it’s happy little flower!

Cookbooks: I have a serious love of cookbooks and always have 2-3 new ones on my Christmas list each year. Two I’d definitely recommend as gifts for anyone interested in healthy cooking would be the Cooking Light Dinnertime Survival guide (review here) and the Runner’s World Cookbook, which is great for non-runners too (review here). They’re both full of delicious, healthy, approachable recipes that don’t feel diet-y.

Both full of gorgeous pics as well!

Both full of gorgeous pics as well!

Healthy kitchen gadgets: Speaking of cooking, there are a few kitchen gadgets that might be fun for the healthy foodie on your list. I have the ActiFry from T-fal on my list, because I’m intrigued by the idea of getting that fried texture without the oil. I promise to let you guys know if it works if I end up getting one! If you have a smoothie lover on your list, one of those little bullet blenders with the travel cup would be fun. Last year, I got a zucchini noodle maker which is also a neat little gadget to make all kinds of fun shapes with veggies to sneak more of them into my diet.

Flavor infuser water bottle: Speaking of sneaking more things into my diet, I know I’m not the only one constantly struggling to drink more water. This year I have a flavor infusing water bottle on my list, with a chamber where you can place fruit and herbs to go down into the water bottle and flavor it to spice things up a bit. Every little bit helps (especially since the water at work tastes kind of yuck).

Experiences: Maybe it’s a pass for a local yoga studio or a session of stand up paddleboarding (hubby doesn’t know this, but we’re totally doing this in the spring!) or a cooking class or a massage – look around your recipient’s town to see what options are out there. You never what you’ll love until you try it, but many times we’re reluctant to branch out too much when we’re looking at our budgets. A gift certificate can be the perfect opportunity to try something new!

Check out last year’s list of healthy stocking stuffers for other gift ideas. What are your favorite healthy holiday gift ideas?







3 responses to “Healthy holiday gift ideas

  1. Arielle says:

    Love your post! These are such amazing gift ideas ❤

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