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Weekly Wrap-Up: A good enough week

on November 23, 2014

I definitely didn’t hit all of my workout goals for the week, but I got enough done that I feel okay about it all. I think the week between the hospital and Thanksgiving is a good time to lower your standards a bit right? I keep reminding myself that my primary goal in my training plan for the Rebel Challenge is to get in the back to back runs and I’ve done that every week so far, so that’s a good start.


Monday: Cross training on the schedule and I actually did strength training. I know, gasp! right? I am so lax about strength training that the fact that I actually did some this week is a big part of what makes me feel like it was a “good enough” week. 🙂 I did goblet squats with a kettle bell, dead lifts, bridges, side leg lifts, clamshells, planks and push ups so I feel like pretty much everything got covered. I finished up with a nice yoga series to stretch things out again. I was sore all day before the strength training session, I suspect because I did the previous day’s 7 mile run on the treadmill (OMG boring) and I always feel like my form is a little different with long runs on the treadmill. The yoga helped stretch things back out, not that I noticed much since I spent the next two days super sore from the strength training. My muscles were in shock, I think. 🙂

Tuesday: I was supposed to run 4 miles, but my legs were so sore from the strength training that I did nothing but a 20 minute walk. Still, that was better than nothing and I hit my 7000 step goal for the day.

Wednesday: I was supposed to speed work, but between a busy schedule and sore legs, I did nothing but my planks and push ups for the day.

Thursday: Rest or cross training on the schedule and since I’d skipped two runs this week, I definitely didn’t feel like I’d earned a rest day. I went for a 25 minute walk around campus at lunch.

Friday: 4 miles, for the first part of my back-to-back run simulation. It was a grey and dreary evening for a run, but I slogged through it and finished about 12:30 pace, which appears to be where I’m living these days. The one thing that perks up these evening runs is seeing everyone’s Christmas lights. My beloved husband is very opposed to Christmas decor before Thanksgiving and while I agree in principle because Thanksgiving shouldn’t be overlooked, I admit I do love seeing Christmas lights even if they are “early.”


Saturday: I was really dragging my feet about getting out to run because it was foggy and grey. Happily, the workout gods rewarded my procrastination by giving us a bright and warm afternoon, so I headed out around 3:30 for my 8 mile run. I made sure to bring some fuel, thinking about the things I’d studied this week about training for back to back races. I felt aches in my quads in the last couple of miles, but otherwise felt good with the back to back run. I think the fact that I’m keeping the pace easy is helping a lot. Because I walked a fair amount in miles 4-5 while I answered a phone call from mom (who gets very worried any time I tell her I’m out on a run), my overall pace was 13:00 minute miles but looking at the times in my other miles, I was around 12:15 pace. I’m glad to see that I don’t slow down much in the second run, even if I’m not pushing myself at all pace-wise in either of these back-to-back runs. I also made sure to have a snack as soon as I got in from the run to help recover, although I admit I didn’t do that at all after Friday’s 4 miler. As my mileage in these back-to-back runs creeps up, I need to work on doing that so I can optimize my glycogen stores.

It ended up as a gorgeous afternoon for a run!

It ended up as a gorgeous afternoon for a run!

Sunday: Rest day, with only a little aching in my quads today. I’m pleasantly surprised by how good my legs feel after these back-to-back runs! Today, we’re having a lazy family day with lots of baking to get ready for Thanksgiving. We’re making some Weight Watchers friendly meringues (a favorite from last holiday season) and some very WW-unfriendly peanut butter & chocolate bars (recipe here) so Oliver has a cinnamon-free dessert option.

Isn't my little chef assistant the cutest?

Isn’t my little chef assistant the cutest?

The peanut butter bars called for sweetened condensed milk, which is something I’m definitely wary of bringing into the house. This stuff has been part of many-a-binge in the past and I’ve eaten multiple cans in a single sitting before, so these days I only buy it literally right before I’m going to use it for a recipe so it doesn’t sit around the house.

We bought it an hour before we baked the bars and filled the can with water to get rid of the remnants as soon as I was done with it. This stuff is dangerous!

We bought it an hour before we baked the bars and filled the can with water to get rid of the remnants as soon as I was done with it. This stuff is dangerous!

I hope you guys are all having a great weekend! The only thing left on today’s to do list is a nap and that’s a lovely thing. 🙂

Are there any foods you’re afraid to bring into the house?

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