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Friday Favorites: Getting ready for Thanksgiving!

on November 21, 2014
Happy Friday everyone! I am feeling amazingly back to normal this Friday, in comparison with last week. 🙂 It’s particularly exciting celebrating a Friday with a) absolutely nothing on my weekend schedule other than an 8 mile run and b) knowing that when I come back to work Monday, it’ll be for a short week thanks to holiday. Even better, it’s going to warm up a smidge here in Nebraska this weekend and be in the 40s. That will be much better running weather.
Lots of my reading this week has been focused on getting ready for Thanksgiving, naturally. Check out this link to the Weight Watchers Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet, complete with Points values, suggested swaps and portion size guides to get you through the day. I also like the Weight Watchers Ultimate Thanksgiving Planning Guide, which has links to lots of recipes but also ideas for staying fit on the road, dealing with family pressure, etc.
Dani over at Weight Off My Shoulders has a great guide to Thanksgiving as well, including possibly my favorite Thanksgiving quote ever: “Did they really bring over mashed potatoes on the Mayflower? No? Then you can probably have those next week.” Love it!! Also check out the fabulous Suzi Storm (oh so appropriately labeled as “overall badass” in her blog header) for a reminder to keep things in perspective – it’s one day. So long as you keep your Thanksgiving indulgences to the one day, you’ll be fine. Really, so long as you eventually get back on the wagon in some way, it’ll be fine, no matter how long it takes. (I particularly hated the “plate planning” Weight Watchers meeting too.)
Finally, a reminder to keep it all in perspective from Racing to Zen. In this crazy and chaotic holiday season, it’s so easy to get caught up in our own issues with weight loss or training goals or holiday shopping or money woes or any of a thousand other things. Take a moment to be kind, to put goodness out into the world. It will do you and the world a world of good. Her post about serving as a good samaritan to a stranded motorist really struck home as I’ve been on the receiving end of lots of assistance on the side of the road in my time. I know she made a huge difference in the stress of that day for that mother.

Today is the last day to sign up to be an Elf 4 Health with Lindsay and Elle so be sure to head here if you’d like to participate. This year, there is the option to participate alone if you don’t want to be paired up with another “elf” to cheer each other on. I really enjoyed this last year, with a month of small, easily achievable tasks each day to help me keep my healthy goals in mind during the holiday season. I’m definitely on board again this year! Elf4HealthBadge2013Have a great weekend everyone!

PS Did you guys see this article about how we’re running out of chocolate?! Terrifying to think that we’re consuming more chocolate than we produce! I love my dark chocolate, so maybe I should start hoarding some just in case? 🙂

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