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Weight Loss Wednesday: Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

on November 19, 2014

Believe it or not, it’s only a week until Thanksgiving. Time is just flying! That means it is time to consider a plan for the holiday, in terms of your food and activity choices.

Do you want to continue to lose or maintain your weight or are you okay with a little gain? For some people, it’s worth it to have a little gain to be able to eat whatever you want all day without worrying about calories or nutrition. For me, I worry about my ability to rein it back in if I go completely unrestrained, so I plan to maintain as best I can. Whatever you choose, having decided ahead of time will help you feel more control of the experience. If you choose to maintain or gain, then you’ll hopefully be less likely to feel like you’ve cheated or failed and end up in a negative mind space.

What part of the menu will you control? It may be the whole thing if you’re hosting or it may be a single dish. That’s definitely part of the pre-planning for me. We’re eating with family and I won’t control the menu, but I can bring a veggie tray to snack on through the day and a big fruit salad to contribute to dessert. I’ll be bringing a really fantastic gooey macaroni and cheese too, so it won’t be all healthy stuff I contribute. 🙂 If you’re hosting, think of ways to lighten up a couple of your traditional dishes (probably not very realistic to do them all, right?).

What’s the “must have” food on your list? This holiday is wrapped up in emotion and food and tradition, so of course there are foods you’re already drooling and dreaming over. Decide which foods are really the “must haves” so you can be sure you prioritize those indulgences rather than wasting calories (and guilt) on things that just aren’t worth it.

What will you eat for breakfast? Not something we normally think about in terms of Thanksgiving, right? It’s definitely something to consider though. You don’t want to skip breakfast in the hopes that you’re saving calories for later in the day because that’s very likely to backfire when you end up too hungry to make controlled choices about your food. Planning a healthy breakfast will help you start the day on a strong note and prime you to make good choices later in the day.

How are you going to move? Not only does any added exercise for the day help offset some of the indulgences that are sure to come along, but it also helps keep your mind on your healthy lifestyle goals. I can remember reading in one of the many “surviving the holidays” articles I’ve read in the last few weeks a tip where someone recommended just 10 extra minutes of movement a day to help balance the extra calories you’re going to take in. I’m not sure that 10 minutes is enough to undo the calorie bombs that show up on our particular Thanksgiving table but every little bit helps, right?

How are you going to get back on track? Remember that it is just one day, so make a plan to help you get back to your healthy lifestyle plans on Friday (or Saturday or whenever you decide the holiday is “over”). Is it going to be tough workout or a particularly powerful, healthy meal that always makes you feel like a rock star? Think about what things make you feel healthiest and strongest and find a way to use those things to help you get back to your goals after the holiday.

Now that I’m settling back into my routine after my illness, I need to start outlining my own plan for the holiday and my goals for the weekend. I had big goals this month in terms of getting my food and fitness on track for the holiday season and was planning on setting my own lose/maintain/gain goal for Thanksgiving based on how I’d done through the month. I couldn’t have anticipated how the month would go. 🙂 I’ll spend this weekend planning for the holiday, in terms of answering these questions for myself, setting my goals and tailoring my packing list to optimize my chances of success.

My weigh in this week is a good one, with the 12 pounds I’d gained in the hospital now thankfully gone. My weigh in yesterday was 171.2, which is definitely moving in the right direction. Even more exciting for me was putting these pants on yesterday:


Yes, I was so excited by how these fit again that I took a picture of this otherwise supremely boring outfit!

Yes, I was so excited by how these fit again that I took a picture of this otherwise supremely boring outfit!

These had gotten uncomfortably tight over the last couple of months and now they fit much better! Not tight or uncomfortable at all when I put them on in the morning and they’d stretched out so much through the day that they were positively baggy by bedtime. That’s definitely more like they were fitting back in the spring. It’s nice to notice changes in my clothes even if the scale has only tipped down a few pounds. 🙂 It’s an empowering moment to take with me into the holiday season.

What is your “must have” Thanksgiving food? Definitely turkey for this girl!

First Peppermint Mocha of the season means it's definitely holiday time!

First Peppermint Mocha of the season means it’s definitely holiday time!

PS Check out more Thanksgiving survival tips here.



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