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Friday Favorites: Sick day edition

on November 7, 2014

I’m home sick today, which means I’ve read lots of blog posts sitting here nursing my cup of lukewarm coffee. I promise not to bombard you guys too much with links of my favorites, but there is lots of interesting stuff out there. 🙂 And I promise I’m going to get checked out today because I am much sicker and have been sicker longer than either my husband or son. I need to make sure I don’t have strep at least, since I know I got exposed. It’s probably just some virus though and I need to continue to let it run its course. Overall, I’m feeling better than earlier in the week so I know I’ll get there. It just takes time.

These things are a lifesaver. And unlike lifesavers, they don't come with any nutritional info printed on the package so I'm not worried about calculating points for them. :)

These things are a lifesaver. And unlike lifesavers, they don’t come with any nutritional info printed on the package so I’m not worried about calculating points for them. 🙂

I was feeling in a bit of a funk at the beginning of the week, coming off of last week in which I did absolutely zero exercise and then seeing a higher than expected number at weigh in on Tuesday. Ethan and Kristin’s post on “Righting the Ship” was exactly what I needed to snap out of it. I love the idea of making a list of your successes to remember how far you’ve come and get motivated to move in the right direction again!

Runners World has started a new sub-site devote to women’s running, Zelle, which launched last month. I’ve read several of the articles that come through, which so far seem fairly similar to a lot of the other content I’ve seen in other women’s fitness and running magazines, websites and blogs. I still think it will be interesting to see how this project evolves and am glad to see something with the broader reach of Runners World focusing on some of the issues unique to female runners. One article that particularly resonated with me, perhaps because I’d just gone through my less than flattering race photos from the Des Moines Half Marathon trying to find a decent one, was this one about Why Race Photos Don’t Show the Whole Picture. We have to be careful not to let our own self-criticism blind us to how others see us when we’re running. I saw my shirt pulling up and my belly roll peeking out, but my son just sees a mommy who gets out and runs. There are always more positive lights to see ourselves in, if we’ll just look.

The race photo I finally chose to buy, because I look happy running and that's what I wanted to remember about that day (and honestly, because my shirt was down covering my belly!).

The race photo I finally chose to buy, because I look happy running and that’s what I wanted to remember about that day (and honestly, because my shirt was down covering my belly!).

Speaking of a positive outlook, this post on Fitfluential about Finding your AND at the back of the pack was so powerful. We need to learn to stop making excuses for ourselves and owning our accomplishments, because they are huge to us and it doesn’t matter how they measure up to others. Speaking of race photos, doesn’t she just look so gloriously happy in those photos? Gorgeous!

The New York City Marathon was last weekend and from all reports it was a windy, miserable but still powerful day. Darrell and I actually visited New York on marathon weekend, unknowingly to us, back when we were dating for a little weekend trip away. We only became aware it was marathon weekend when we had trouble finding a hotel. We didn’t really think much of it, other than worrying that the road closures would make it hard for us to get back to the airport. Now, runner me really wishes we’d been able to hang around watch at least part of it. It sounds like such an amazing spectating experience. Of all of the race reports I’ve read this week, the one that made me the most nearly tearful is this one on Another Mother Runner, from not a runner – but a volunteer. Volunteering at a race was on my list of running goals for this year and I haven’t gotten to it yet, because the opportunities that have come up locally have all been at times I wasn’t available, unfortunately. That’s still on my to-do list though! I have gotten to spectate races, including watching my secretary finish her first 5K which was so fun. I have a partner who is running her very first half marathon this weekend and I really wish I could figure out a way to be there to cheer for her. It’s in a town an hour away, so I don’t know if I can justify hauling my family over there but maybe I can convince my husband there’s something we need to do in Lincoln Sunday so we just happen to be there to cheer for Kari. 🙂 If not, I’ll be sending my very best good luck vibes!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Anyone with any big plans?



8 responses to “Friday Favorites: Sick day edition

  1. I love this post! I hope you start feeling better soon though 🙂

  2. ethanfleck says:

    Jessica, I hope you are feeling better & I’m really glad that we were able to provide some inspiration for you this week! Like you say, just a little more each day.

    This whole journey is a not done in one day or one run. It is a collection of small successes over time. Glad to hear you’ve still got the fight in you!

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