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Does a workout count as me time?

on November 4, 2014

Today, I’m taking the day off. I have accumulated so much vacation time that I’m now losing hours and haven’t even had a weekend of real down time in a couple of months, so I decided to take advantage of a day with very little on my calendar to use a vacation day. I was looking forward to a day to catch up on a lot of to-dos around the house and get in the first run of my new training plan.

Of course, that was before I woke up this morning, sick with a sore throat and a headache from a bad night of sleep. Suddenly, the idea of heading out for a run seemed like a sigh inducing chore rather than a fun part of my day off. I found myself thinking that a workout didn’t count as me time at all. It would be a much better use of my day off to lounge in bed or the bathtub all morning rather than running, right?

After a couple of cups of coffee and some Excedrin for my headache, I was feeling a little more human. I got myself dressed in workout gear, including my new long sleeved tech shirt from the Des Moines half marathon:

Still don't love the color, but at least the sleeves are long enough for my monkey arms!

Still don’t love the color, but at least the sleeves are long enough for my monkey arms!

Putting on my workout gear, particularly the shirt that reminded me that two weeks ago, I was running 13.1 miles just for the fun of it and loving it, really helped my mind get back in a more positive place. I run because I like to run. It’s time to let my mind wander, catch up on books and podcasts, and use my muscles at the same time. It’s the best kind of “me time”. Today reminded me that whether or not I see exercise as a chore or me time depends entirely on my frame of mind. Honestly, given how busy life gets, if I can see the exercise I know I need to do as “me time” instead of a chore, I more bang for my buck by handling my physical and mental health simultaneously! As a busy working mom, any time I can “double dip”, it’s a good thing.

Of course, now I’ve puttered around taking care of a thousand little “to-dos” around the house that I needed to do and don’t have time to run before I go to work (have a lunch meeting I couldn’t miss, but that’s the only work I’m doing!). Thanks to my shift in mindset, I’m looking forward to getting that run in when I get back from work rather than dreading it. 🙂

How do you get yourself in the right frame of mind to work out?

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2 responses to “Does a workout count as me time?

  1. I definitely think of my exercise time as my me time. It’s very easy to forget that though and slip into a mind set of having it be something that you “have” to do. I’m always a better person and in a better mood though after working out.

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