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November Goals & October Wrap-Up

on November 3, 2014

Happy November guys! There was no weekly wrap up yesterday because a) it was a crazy busy work day and b) I didn’t do a SINGLE WORKOUT all week. I probably took that whole rest & recover from a half marathon thing a little too far. Thankfully, today is the first Monday of a new month, so it is a good time to reflect on last month’s goals and set some new ones. Today is also the first day of my Rebel Challenge training program, so I’ll be back on the workout wagon.

October Goals
First up, let’s look back at how I did in October. My goals were:
Get to the starting line of the Des Moines Half Marathon injury free: Done! A on this one, as my only injury was a minor hamstring tweak that I didn’t really feel on race day. Much better than the broken toe before the Princess Half Marathon!

Get a minimum of 6,000 steps in: C (If I’m feeling generous). I did really well with this one for the first half of the month, but post-half marathon it really feel apart. I’ve had lots of days where I felt like I was running around a lot and very busy, but that didn’t translate into more steps. This still needs work and is going back on the November goal list.

Weigh in once a week: A+! I’m doing great with this and mentally doing really well in that I’m not getting on the scale every day and I’m not letting the fact that the pounds aren’t just melting off now that I’m tracking again discourage me. I know this process takes time and it won’t go as fast to lose these ten pounds as it did two years ago losing the first ten pounds.

Reading a non-science related book: A, technically. In spirit, I meant this to be some fun, relaxing fiction. I started several fiction books but never finished any. However, I did read the Unofficial Guide to Disneyland to start planning my January trip, so that counts for something, right?

– My “Stay Away From Tricks and Treats October Challenge” goals were to drink 64 oz of water a day (C) and stop snacking after 9 pm (A!). Yes, I could do better on water intake and yes, I jumped out of bed every night at 8:55 to grab a snack before the clock struck nine, but having these goals in mind and the awesome support of this group was so helpful! I’m definitely staying on board for the November cycle with Get your Gobbler in Gear. 🙂

Speaking of getting my gobbler in gear, my November goals:

– Continue interacting with the Get your Gobbler in Gear group on Facebook. The daily support there is so helpful. I’ll also be participating in their plank and push up challenge (here). I’ve never actually followed through with one of these challenges before, so we’ll see how it goes this time (although I’m admittedly missing the first two days). I’m also keeping my 64 oz of water a day goal for this month because it clearly needs more work!

I  need some way to make this goal stick better! Ideas?

I need some way to make this goal stick better! Ideas?

Stick with tracking and weekly weigh ins all month, even if the scale is slow to move. I have to be patient and promise myself that I’ll give this time before I make any changes. If I’ve been good about tracking all month and feel like things are back in control, I’ll let our travel at Thanksgiving be a time to go back on Simply Filling for simplicity, but we’ll re-evaluate that when we get closer.

Do ten minutes of exercise every day. Hopefully, this is a slam dunk goal as I’ll be starting my training plan for the Rebel Challenge today, but I’m a little horrified at how easy it has been to do no exercise at all in the last week. My only fitness goal when I first started losing weight was ten minutes of something a day, anything with the intent to exercise (yoga, walk, etc). I think I’ll be starting back there again. Spark People is doing a #Fit2Feast Thanksgiving challenge for ten minutes a day, so I’ll be tracking my progress with that hashtag on Twitter and get myself moving in the right direction again! Or moving at all!

Get 7,000 steps a day, a continuation of my goal from last month and hopefully one I am more successful with this month! If this means pacing in front of the TV, so be it. Break out the Leslie Sansone moves!

Reflect on gratitude. O really wants to say the same little prayer they use at school for our Thanksgiving meal with my family, so we’re practicing with him and trying to explain the concept of Thanksgiving and gratitude. While O is really excellent at saying Thank You often and appropriately, we’ve never really discussed what that really means. That made me remember how much better I feel when I’m more conscious of my gratitude. Thus, this month my Thursday posts are going to be Thankful Thursdays so that I be conscious about expressing my thanks for the many blessings I have in my life. I’ll also be talking to O more about it so we can model that behavior for him.

I'm thankful for a little guy who insists we always buy fresh flowers to have around the house. :) And a big guy in charge of the family budget who allows this kind of nonsense. :)

I’m thankful for a little guy who insists we always buy fresh flowers to have around the house. 🙂 And a big guy in charge of the family budget who allows this kind of nonsense. 🙂

The beginning of November always feels like the start of the mad rush through the holiday season, so let’s all take a deep breath to get centered before the madness begins. Good luck to everyone in their goals! If you’d like to join up with the November Challenge group coordinated by Desiree at Finding the Skinny Geek Within and One Crazy Penguin, touch base with them to get linked up with the Facebook group. It’s really awesome and a great place for honest support during the stressful holiday season that’s coming up!


11 responses to “November Goals & October Wrap-Up

  1. You’ve got this challenge! We’ll keep you on track with push ups and planks 🙂

  2. Kristin says:

    Happy November!! Sounds like you’ve had an awesome October!! You’re great at meeting your goals!! Way to go!! I love how you push yourself and stay so motivated! You’re truly inspiring! Love your talk about gratitude!! Gratitude is so important!! Have a lovely day!! XOXO

  3. You had a great October! Don’t let that one week of rest derail you! You can do this! I’ve never followed through with those types of Challenges either so we will work hard to keep each other accountable with them! (Now I’m off to do pushups and planks NOW! ) lol

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