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Friday Favorites: Happy Halloween!

on October 31, 2014
Happy Halloween everyone! Anybody in costume today? I’m a black dress that will be easily converted to witchy-wear once I add my gorgeous purple witch hat for distributing candy tonight at home. ūüôā


I can't wait to see how trick or treating goes this year! Or what costume O ultimately decides on - we have several in our stash of playthings.

I can’t wait to see how trick or treating goes this year! Or what costume O ultimately decides on – we have several in our stash of playthings.


I’ve got an incredibly scattered set of articles I’d flagged this week, reflecting my slightly scattered brain lately. Thankfully things have settled down in terms of work and travel and I am really looking forward to the approaching holiday season! Fair warning: Disorganized and scatterbrained post ahead! TGIF!


Speaking of feeling like a scattered and distracted working mom, I think I need to read this post on being enough every day. Like a lot of people¬†(and I suspect most working moms), I constantly find myself¬†feeling like I haven’t given enough or done enough for any¬†of my many responsibilities.¬†I like the idea of taking the¬†time¬†at the end of the day to¬†recognize all that we do that is enough. We are all so hard on¬†ourselves, whether it is with¬†regards to our eating or our exercise or our parenting or our partnering or our jobs. We¬†can be so much¬†harsher on ourselves than we would ever be on anyone else. In this season of gratitude, maybe we should practice extending a little of that¬†gratitude¬†inwards.


A 10 minute-a-day exercise challenge was part of my original start with Weight Watchers a couple of years ago and now that I’m officially back on the wagon, I think it’ll be a good place to get me back in the right mindset and keep me on track through the holidays. I’ll use the SparkPeople #Fit2Feast hashtag to keep myself on track on Twitter and Facebook through the holiday season.


OMG you guys – I just noticed on my computer screen that there’s an ad for Caramel Macchiato GU. That sounds AWESOME. Going on my “runner’s stocking” wishlist for sure!!


On Halloween, it’s only fitting to link to a couple of posts about candy, right? First up is this Spark People slideshow showing some 100 calorie or less options, if you want to indulge. To balance that, Laura has a list of workouts to balance each treat, just to help us remember how fast those little treats add up! If you need a dose of healthy inspiration, check out Why I Do This Here (W.I.D.T.H.) on Jack Sh*t Gettin’ Fit, a new-to-me blog (but totally not new – lots of great, funny, real content there!). I was so happy and proud for all of the people featured there!


What treat are you going to indulge in tonight? I confess, I probably won’t have any candy. I have a big vat of chili in the slow cooker but don’t even really feel like I’m craving sweets. After my overindulgence on half marathon weekend, straying off the straight and narrow (with the GI distress that accompanies that!) doesn’t seem tempting at all. I am looking forward to some apple cider and turning on the fireplace, since it has turned really chilly here today. ūüôā


Anybody have a particularly fun Halloween costume this year? I saw one team at work dressed as various bugs, with the supervisor as an exterminator, which I thought was cute. The girl I bought coffee from this morning was a purple minion, which was adorable too. I’ll be sure to let you guys know tomorrow which outfit Oliver settles on!


Happy Halloween! Stay safe!

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