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Rebel Challenge Training Plan

on October 30, 2014

After allowing myself a couple of weeks to rest and recover after my 13.FUN training plan for the Des Moines Half Marathon, I’m ready to get started with training for the Rebel Challenge at Disneyland! This race will include a 10K on Saturday followed by a half marathon on Sunday, so it will mean a very different training and racing strategy than I’ve used before. I’ll be doing lots of reading and listening to podcasts about the previous Disney training challenge as there will be a lot of pacing, recovery and fueling issues unique to this back-to-back racing style.

A Hans Solo action figure from an old boy friend, who knew who my real first love was :)

A Hans Solo action figure from an old boy friend, who knew who my real first love was šŸ™‚

From a running perspective, I looked to the RunDisney Galloway training plans for a loose framework. As I’m coming out of half marathon training just a couple of weeks ago and feeling good, I definitely don’t need to start at the beginning as his plan which is a 3 mile long run (although I LOVE that the training plan does start so small for beginners as I remember when 3 miles felt huge). I’ll be starting with a long run of 6 miles, which is very attainable for me now (I think, having run only once since the half marathon!).

This plan will focus on back to back runs, to simulate the back to back runs of race weekend. I’ll do these Friday/Saturday so that I can keep my Sundays as rest days and for my Oliver breakfast dates. šŸ™‚ In that sense, it’s really helpful that the 13.FUN training plan I just completed had me doing runs of 6-7 miles on weekday mornings so I already know I can wake up early enough to get the miles in. I’ll start with 3 miles on Friday and 6 miles on Saturday, progressing by 0.5 mile a week for the Friday run, up to 6 miles, and 1 mile a week on the Saturday run, up to 11 miles. The Friday run will be focused completely on maintaining an EASY pace so I don’t wear myself out for Saturday.

I’ll keep the speed work and cross training from the 13.FUN plan. I’ve also got a promise from my husband that we’ll have a strength training session together once a week.

Here’s an overview of my plan (I’ll update the training page tonight):
Mondays: Cross training

Tuesdays: Easy runs 4-5 miles

Wednesdays: Speed/hill work, with 1 minute intervals; 6-8 intervals

Thursday: Cross training or rest

Friday: Easy walk/run intervals starting at 3 miles and increasing by 0.5 miles up to 6 miles

Saturday: Easy run starting at 6 miles and increasing by 1 mile up to 11 miles

I’ll give myself light weeks for Thanksgiving and my week of call in December, plus two weeks of taper in January. I’m enjoying my time off but I’m looking forward to taking on a very different kind of training and challenge for the next couple of months! Anybody else doing Star Wars?

11 responses to “Rebel Challenge Training Plan

  1. Jen says:

    You’Re my hero! It’s so cool that you’ve progressed to making your own training plans. Can’t wait until I’m at that point. I highly recommend strength training as it has really helped my running, in particular staying injury free.

    • There are lots of training plans out there to pull from, to design something that works for me as a non-elite athlete without huge goals for this race. I’m constantly telling myself I need to do more strength training and keep failing to do it. I’ve got to do some thinking about a better approach, for sure,.

  2. Oh this is going to be so awesome!! Excellent plan!

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