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Weight Loss Wednesday: Back on the tracking wagon

on October 29, 2014
As of last Monday (October 20), I’m back on the wagon in terms of tracking my WW points in weight loss mode. I’ve let things creep up over the last couple of months and if I want to have some room to indulge on some selected holiday events, I need to feel like I’m back in control of my food. I’m not a big fan of time limited weight loss goals, so I don’t have any deadline for getting back to my goal weight (167 pounds per my doctor’s note on file with WW, 164 for a normal BMI) but I do want to feel like I’ve got a better handle on things by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

My experiment with the Simply Filling program wasn’t a complete failure. I didn’t gain much weight and my clothes still fit (mostly), but it definitely gave me too much room to overeat when I was stressed and distracted. The whole idea of healthy foods being more filling and satisfying definitely doesn’t work well enough for me in times of stress. I can eat a lot of calories in just healthy choices, after all. 🙂 I did really like the way we were all eating the same healthy meals when I was doing Simply Filling, though, and I don’t want to give that up.

One of the nice things about having tracked so much of my food in the last couple of years is that it allows me to look back to see how my points were distributed back when I was losing weight (at least at my notes and comments here or tracked on paper; the WW electronic tracking only goes back about 6 weeks). That has allowed me to devise a slightly crazy hybrid plan so that I can track my food, but also keep my Simply Filling dinners with my family in the mix.

Back when I was losing successfully and maintaining well, I was eating 15 points for breakfast, lunch and snacks (i.e. everything but dinner). Thus, on days when I’m making a healthy family meal that doesn’t lend itself to easy tracking (like chili or a casserole), I’ll use that as a Simply Filling meal and focus on eating a reasonable portion. I’ll have my 15 points to use for the rest of my meals / snacks for the day. If we’re eating out or eating something that I could reasonably track without eating a totally different meal from the rest of my family, like last night’s quesadillas that I cooked individually anyway because that’s how I cook those, I track like normal with my 26 daily points. Especially as O gets older, I want to be sure we’re modeling good habits in all sitting down together to have a healthy dinner instead of mom eating salad and everyone else eating junk. We’ll see how this hybrid approach goes. Of course, there’s no way to set up this kind of ad hoc tracking in the app, so it’ll be on me and the honor system to see how it works out. I’ll keep you guys posted.
Moving back down

Moving back down

I got a couple of little boosts in motivation this week to get me back on track. First, when I did my Tuesday morning weigh in, I was at 174.5, which means most (but not all) of last week’s big gain was just temporary post-run fluid shifting. It’s good to see most of that weight gone again but also good to be honest with myself about the fact that not all of it is gone, which means not all of it was due to just the long run.
The first part of the Weight Control Registry packet has arrived.

The first part of the Weight Control Registry packet has arrived.

The second boost was getting the consent packet for the National Weight Control Registry. As this is an actual scientific research study, there were a lot of consent forms to complete so that they can use the information they collect from me. As someone who reads a lot of research papers for a living, I’m kind of entertained by being a data point. 🙂

I was also thinking that I would let my FitBit sync with WW to calculate my activity points, rather than calculating them myself, to keep me from over-estimating my calorie burn but that syncing process is ridiculously slow! I’d rather eat my activity points (if I’m going to) on the day I earned them, but it has been a day or two before the points show up with the FitBit sync. I think I’ll just go back to manually entering my activity. As I’ve rarely eaten my activity points, overestimating probably isn’t hurting me much anyway.

I’d like to get to the point where I feel like I can do Simply Filling for select periods, like traveling, where it would be easier to practice eating intuitively and sanely without tracking. Hopefully I’ll feel like things are back in control enough by Thanksgiving that I’ll be able to do that. I’ll keep up Tuesday morning weigh ins and keep you guys posted here as I go along.

When I started tracking again, I didn’t feel deprived at all. Instead, I felt almost relieved to be back within the structure of the points system. It makes me think of all of the toddler behavior things you read that talk about how kids crave boundaries when they’re growing up because it helps them feel safe as they’re learning more about the world. I think that thought process definitely applies to making healthy lifestyle changes too, even if I try to avoid putting myself in “time away” when I slip up. 🙂

4 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday: Back on the tracking wagon

  1. Hey I got that registry stuff too. I was waffling on doing it though. Great job and sounds like you have a great plan in place! Let’s kick the last of this weight to the curb!

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  3. […] food and definitely my exercise, so I’m planning to keep with my normal tracking plan that I outlined at the beginning of November. I’ve got my last 3 long back to back runs of the Rebel Challenge training coming this month, […]

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